Björk teaches you about electronics

As we often suspected, [Björk] is quite the technical mastermind. In the video above, she teaches you about the ins and outs of her television. We think she’s making a strong bid as the next person to join Prototype This! Her hacking philosophy is the same as ours: “You shouldn’t let poets lie to you.”


  1. jjj says:

    is it me or she is kinda hot?

  2. macegr says:

    @jjj: yes, because this was in 1988, which is how old this video is. (sorry elliot, though it’s still funny)

  3. Jack says:

    “you shouldn’t let poets lie to you” that’s pretty profound man

  4. dance says:

    not just you ;)

  5. (>'-' )> says:

    Oh so that’s how a TV works… simply amazing at how in depth this was. Two thumbs up.

  6. kamikasee says:

    It’s incredibly dangerous to mess around inside CRTs if you don’t know what you are doing. There are huge capacitors in there and they can hold a charge even if the TV has been off for a while. When I was in high school, I was taking one apart and melted a screwdriver in half when I accidentally discharged one of the caps. I just put the cover back on and decided there were healthier things to investigate.

  7. dave says:

    So THAT’s what you get when you add musical genius, icelandic heritage, and complete insanity.

    I’m old now too, so she’s still hot. I think the crazy adds a few to the 10 point scale.

  8. chris says:

    Please, someone slap the guy with the mic! Ever here of a lav mic? Or a real boom mic?

  9. Pablo says:

    This looked like a real tv video was about to unfold, touch a open crt tv like that can kill you.

  10. jproach says:

    hah that was beautiful.

  11. tallboots says:

    and to think… she had a child with a guy who’s art is tv.

  12. joe says:

    Uh, Like, wow…

  13. Zibri says:

    No,jjj, it’s not you.. she is hot but I can’t really tell why. But yet indeed she is :)

    Funny video, but I don’t suggest people to do it like she did… those ‘streets’ can be really dangerous as someone already pointed out.

  14. Dave says:

    What you really have to worry about is the 2nd anode, the connection under that little suction cup on the actual tube itself. It holds around 1k volts for each inch of the screen. Do the simple math and a 36 inch screen becomes a box of tingly death. (TV repair is fun, but PLEASE leave it to us professionals.)

  15. Solenoidclock says:

    I like to think that she didn’t have a really inconsiderate mic guy. Rather, I think that was just a midget in a theremin equipped helmet collecting a sample for his extensive collection of world accents.

  16. kyle says:

    my friend shocked himself when we were working on my crt projector, and a couple days later i shocked myself on my dlp projector. video projection units are not to be trifled with…. also… dont let poets lie to you

  17. celtek says:

    lol… she had me on the floor… “like a little city, and this is an elevator”..

  18. pwl says:

    Wow, what a cool video for a couple reasons: one, she’s so hot; two, she’s got a curious mind and that makes her even hotter for a techno humaniod like me; three, she’s so hot; four, she discovered how she was belief stricken by a poet’s nonsense explanation of the world (tv’s hypnotize and control you) and she seeks out a better reality based explanation of how tvs actually work which makes her even hotter and wise intellectually; five, I guess I mentioned that she’s hot but it needs stating again. Anyone who gives up their faith and beliefs for reality is a better person.

  19. zazen says:

    Even if she was completely off in describing the deflection coil, I found that both beautiful and strangely relaxing.

  20. m@! says:

    LOL @ These tags:

    tags: bjork sugarcubes

  21. nick says:

    Messing around with a CRT is dangerous, especially when on, but i think that a more modern CRT would have a bleed circuit made for curious people. I made a ghetto Jacobs ladder with an old 12 inch black and white TV. It wasn’t the best of ideas but it is fun to watch a couple of coat hangers melt and the whole deal go up in flames. But her hotness and her curiosity makes up for poking the parts.

  22. pov says:

    Hey m@, the sugarcubes was the name of the first band she played in, so while maybe funny, it’s actually mostly factual.

  23. Evan says:

    it’s a shame she disappeared into the void…seriously, wtf ever happened to bjork, anyway?

  24. sifli says:

    i think i love her, actually, thinking doesn’t come into it, i have a desire for her that needs quenching.

  25. Clay says:

    if She’d gotten shocked I think I’d have peed my pants. And Yeah, Back in the day she was sort of hot. But not now, Not by a long shot.

  26. rishi says:

    All this time I’ve been avoiding cameras because I thought they would steal my soul…gotta stop listening to poets…

  27. pwl says:

    At least she didn’t say it was magic anymore… that is quite endearing… and cute to the max… sure could shoot electron beams at her…

    I gather that she is already hitched up… sigh… screen fades to black…

  28. Happosai says:

    *sigh* As someone who had a big cruch on her (it appears it hasn’t gone away), and an electronics geek, this is double win for me! :)

    The Sugarcubes wasn’t the first band she was in, BTW.

    She’s still releasing albums and touring.

  29. Happosai says:

    *sigh* As someone who had a big cruch on her (it appears it hasn’t gone away), and an electronics geek, this is double win for me! :)

    The Sugarcubes wasn’t the first band she was in, BTW.

    She’s still releasing albums and touring (a friend of mine had tea with her when she played here in Manchester earlier this year).

  30. midiwall says:

    I woulda’ paid good money to see her get zapped by that flyback.

    though, given the hair… maybe there were rehearsals, which means THERE’S A BLOOPER REEL!

  31. plagosus says:

    I love this girl :]

  32. Trez says:

    THIS video is going directly to my “man brain” if you get my drift. Unfortunately, there’s a kind of sick tug of war going on in there. The electrons make her look attractive, but her mouth makes her sound like a cult leader.

  33. plokko says:

    lol very tech speek!XD

  34. blizzarddemon says:

    I must agree with Kamikasee, you must understand the dangers of the capacitors in a CRT. My uncle is a electrician and during one of his excursions into a TV cross a series of capacitors. There was enough kinetic force from the shock to throw my 170 pound uncle halfway across the room like the kid in Jurassic Park.
    Those things store a ridiculously large amount of energy. Take caution.

  35. Rob says:

    I should move to Iceland. If all the girls are this naive I could be king!!!!

  36. natsirt says:

    I am a stagehand, and normally it is a shitty job. Some time ago, however, I got to work her tour when it came to the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago. As I sat on a road case in the wings offstage, alone, watching Ghostigital, who sits next to me crosslegged and impish but Her Loveliness Herself. So, speaking as someone who has seen her up close while not on stage, yes. She is every bit as hot and wonderful as you might believe.

  37. glompix says:

    Hey, I’m only 23 and I still think she’s cute. Plus, imo, her music is neat. I’ll pop on homogenic every once in a while.

    All the more reason to think she’s cool. :)

  38. Josh says:

    dahhh! NEVER touch the inside of a TV with your left hand!

    that was pretty poetic the way she explained it. maybe h-a-d should start a comedy section and put things like this in it?

  39. JKirchartz says:

    She’s super hot… But they call it a ‘Fly-Back’ transformer for a reason …

    Bjork’s still alive & kickin’ … she was on her myspace yesterday & apparently has a new single

    Anyone remember that swan costume she wore to some awards show ?

  40. uberdude says:


  41. @dave says:

    Ah, yes. We call it the “Suction Cup of Doom.”

  42. Marcos says:

    Bjork’s music sounds like cats being neutered while awake.

  43. walk says:

    it’s not just you. Björk is hot.

    I got nervous when she popped the thing open and started touching around in there. televisions have huge capacitors. those things can KILL you! no joke. opening up a television and touching the circuitry is very dangerous!

  44. M4CGYV3R says:

    Her hair looks like she already accidentally discharged a ground by touching it. That doesn’t stop me from hoping she’ll do it again every time I see this video.

  45. klaw says:

    and if you don’t like the sound of cats being neutered while awake, there’s something seriously wrong with you. You probably should mess with the inside of a CRT.

  46. supergeek says:

    She was in a feature article in Wired last summer:

  47. paul says:

    this was in an alex bagg video from the moma a long while back

  48. Eric says:

    You know, her poet friend had it right. Movies display 24 full, complete frames per second. Your brain gets to see a complete image; unlike TV and computers where you actually only see one dot at a time. Yes, only one dot is active at any given instant, so you brain has to create the image.

    With movies, you internalize an external image, with TV the image IS internal. It’s as though it’s your own thought. It doesn’t just pass your normal filters, it’s created on the inside.

    TV is the ultimate mind hack. It’s a Trojan horse virus, it’s a world that had been pulled over his eyes.

    We don’t watch TV at home. We video tape a few shows and fast-forward through the commercials. It’s amazing how much LESS stuff I want to purchase and it’s really SADF how much I want to order pizza if I stop the FF too soon and get a glimpse of a pizza commercial.

    Poets might be misunderstood, but they don’t lie.

  49. Elepski says:

    She is kinda hot… and completely out of her gourd….

  50. fish says:

    I always thought the boards looked like little cities too.

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