A very power suit Halloween

We spent our Halloween dressed as an irate traveler as we flew cross country, but it looks like a lot of people were having much more fun. [flaming_pele!]‘s Aliens power loader is one of the best costumes we’ve seen yet. He built it by referencing a 1/12th model kit and a lot of photos. The final costume is about 80% full size which gets it under their 8 foot ceilings. There’s a video of the suit embedded below. Our love of power suits was documented fairly well in our roundup post this summer. Make found two other related costumes: a Star Wars AT-ST and a generic mech constructed from packing foam. Did any of you dress as something truly nerdy for Halloween?


  1. arT2 says:

    yeah, n1

  2. mykle says:

    i think my dalek costume qualifies as pretty nerdy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nomadwarmachine/2989765737/

  3. macegr says:

    spent so much time building this, i didn’t even make it to the party where i was supposed to wear it. doesn’t get any nerdier. http://badfirmware.org/robot_0.8.jpg

  4. Reezy says:

    We went as Futurama this year

  5. Nipponese says:

    Would have been cooler if the claws were motorized too. I mean if you’re going to that extent, you should at least make it so the claws revolve.

  6. dirk says:

    I was nathan explosion for one party, and then ‘I dunno, like a writer or something’ for another. The latter had a pipe!

  7. mesinkasir says:

    happy hallowen…

  8. Joseph says:

    I dressed as geometry.

  9. wakka_wakka says:

    i dressed as arthur dent and got countless weird looks from people on campus.

  10. Evan says:

    I dressed as a video gamer and sat behind my monitor playing Fallout 3.

    …I’m so lonely…

  11. Frogz says:

    hm, last year i hollowed out a 15 inch crt monitor and reattached the shadow mask and front glass to the inside, the mask was possible to see out but not in, obviously i also put some aas to power the power led, stuck the entire thing on my head, foam rubber to pad my head, damn this took a long time to type on a phone

  12. DRK! says:

    i just got stuck dealing wit hdrunk parents and fucking staties

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