A very power suit Halloween

We spent our Halloween dressed as an irate traveler as we flew cross country, but it looks like a lot of people were having much more fun. [flaming_pele!]’s Aliens power loader is one of the best costumes we’ve seen yet. He built it by referencing a 1/12th model kit and a lot of photos. The final costume is about 80% full size which gets it under their 8 foot ceilings. There’s a video of the suit embedded below. Our love of power suits was documented fairly well in our roundup post this summer. Make found two other related costumes: a Star Wars AT-ST and a generic mech constructed from packing foam. Did any of you dress as something truly nerdy for Halloween?

12 thoughts on “A very power suit Halloween

  1. Would have been cooler if the claws were motorized too. I mean if you’re going to that extent, you should at least make it so the claws revolve.

  2. hm, last year i hollowed out a 15 inch crt monitor and reattached the shadow mask and front glass to the inside, the mask was possible to see out but not in, obviously i also put some aas to power the power led, stuck the entire thing on my head, foam rubber to pad my head, damn this took a long time to type on a phone

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