A Very Power Suit Halloween

We spent our Halloween dressed as an irate traveler as we flew cross country, but it looks like a lot of people were having much more fun. [flaming_pele!]’s Aliens power loader is one of the best costumes we’ve seen yet. He built it by referencing a 1/12th model kit and a lot of photos. The final costume is about 80% full size which gets it under their 8 foot ceilings. There’s a video of the suit embedded below. Our love of power suits was documented fairly well in our roundup post this summer. Make found two other related costumes: a Star Wars AT-ST and a generic mech constructed from packing foam. Did any of you dress as something truly nerdy for Halloween?


12 thoughts on “A Very Power Suit Halloween

  1. hm, last year i hollowed out a 15 inch crt monitor and reattached the shadow mask and front glass to the inside, the mask was possible to see out but not in, obviously i also put some aas to power the power led, stuck the entire thing on my head, foam rubber to pad my head, damn this took a long time to type on a phone

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