Flash Sync Port Hacking

Reader [Adrian] picked up a couple cheap wireless flash triggers on eBay. Unfortunately, his Sigma EF-500 DG Super strobe doesn’t have the necessary sync port to make use of these. He popped the device open to try to figure out a way to trigger the device manually. The first idea was to use the test button to fire the device. Thanks to lag, it didn’t work for anything under 1/20th. The solution was to go straight for the optical trigger. [Adrian] has posted some teardown pictures that will help you determine the appropriate solder points for your own mod. The only bit that’s left is adding a 3.5mm mono headphone jack as a sync port. He also has a post on modifying the flash for greater head movement.

3 thoughts on “Flash Sync Port Hacking

  1. …I guess I’m not the only hacker around these parts with that name. :P

    One day, this Adrian will have a hack on here. That is one of my big goals, believe it or not. I hold this blog in high regard.

    As for this hack…If I can figure out what I would need wireless flashes for, I would totally do this. Interesting project.

  2. You and me both friend. hopefully i can hurry up and make my design and have it published on here soon. as for this hack – pretty good idea. hmm, i just got a thought for a project of my own…

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