Rapidfire Wii mod

AcidMods is at it again. They just can’t bare having to push the fire button over and over on their own. They’ve made a rapid fire mod for the wii. They said the mod wasn’t too difficult as Nintendo labeled everything nicely on the PCB. We like that they have added the back light on the button to tell you that you’re in rapid fire mode.

[Thanks Mark]


  1. Mark says:

    Vimeo Killed the video for reasons “Gamming Video” so you can check it out here

  2. DarkFader says:

    at least a better mod than the average joe makes

  3. killerabbit says:

    Haha, “bare” makes me think of nudity…

  4. nubie says:

    Yes, I like pushing it bare :)

    Oh, you have a typo, nevermind.

    Now if only they could find a pulsing source onboard the wii to attach with a simple jumper wire, like the other auto-fire hack.

    I don’t like wads of glue, drilling, and dead-bugs, it is just too “hacky” for a “commercial” place like acidmods.

  5. mark says:

    yeah we would do a PCB with surface mount but with the simplicity of the wii mote being common ground there really is no need for transisters or mofets so we just did a chip.. We tried looking for a PWM point on the wiimote but nintendo all outed for the good LED’s no need to pwm the color for cheap leds…

  6. Princessb89 says:

    You guys are hardcore, forget madcatz, you’ll build it yourself!

  7. scoobie doobie says:

    I wonder what games this would be good for.

  8. Wii Hacker says:

    This is pretty cool, seems like it would target fighting or shooting games.

  9. Chavan says:

    at least a better mod than the average joe makes

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