Javascript drum machine


[Cameron Adams] recently appeared on a panel about JavaScript libraries. He represented the hard working coder that still wrote everything from scratch. He wanted to make something mindblowing for the audience. He ended up creating the JS-909 drum machine entirely in javascript without relying on libraries or flash. While he makes no claims of compatibility, it certainly is a nice bit of kit.

[via Waxy]


  1. crizo says:

    Looks nice but doesn’t work on my machine. It tells me I need quicktime, but it’s already installed. Firefox 3.0.4 on win xp.

  2. crizo says:

    A quicktime upgrade fixed it. Nice work. Lags a bit on my laptop with lots of sounds, but fun!

  3. Sleepy says:

    Doesn’t work in firefox for me either, but it does work in internet explorer.

  4. EllisGL says:

    Weird. I was working on one about 6 months ago. Never did finish it.. But awesome!

  5. blambi says:

    Sadly not that impressed, since well it requires QuickTime -> “without relying on libraries or flash”?

    Isn’t that the same as needing an library or something similar to flash?

  6. sparr says:

    ditto on the “eww, quicktime”. im not sure why it is required, the sounds attempt to play with seemingly straightforward js calls on the sound elements.

  7. Ryan says:

    A bit slow on my machine, but awesome!

  8. nick says:

    other than the lame ass quicktime, 6/10

  9. deoryp says:

    firefox in linux: crashes hard core…

  10. Wwhat says:

    Yeah a bit false advertising on this one, requires quicktime, while also falsely claiming you need that to play sound in java, that’s nonsense of course.

    I do have quicktime though but I disabled it from interacting with firefox since it long long ago started crashing it, and that STILL isn’t fixed, but I don’t want to rush them, take another 2 years apple, I know how hard these things are for you people..

  11. draeath says:


    Java is not javascript. Javascript is not Java.

  12. Wwhat says:

    True, but if you go javascript and require something, make it java not quicktime I say.
    Oh I must correct myself on another thing too, it says my browser can’t play sound, no mention of java, or javascipt, in the pop-up message.

  13. lupy says:


  14. Lee Stevens says:

    I like its ease I am not wild about the sounds that dont seem to blend to me Notes should kind of fade in and out and I dont think it would have the drum machine tonality Dolby was doing something like this in Beatnik but the sounds blended beautifully .I dont think you can get rmf files anymore or beatnik to work

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