SketchUp Adds Dynamic Components


Google just announced the release of SketchUp 7. SketchUp is a 3D modeling program with a fairly robust free version. They’ve added quite a few features and the one that caught our eye in particular was dynamic components. Dynamic components have behavior specific to the object. The example in the video above shows a staircase changing the number of steps as its height is increased instead of distorting the overall staircase shape. The new version also allows for interaction, so model properties change based on user actions.

Google has always encouraged sharing of objects created in SketchUp. Thingiverse launched today with a similar emphasis. The site is built to encourage the exchange of plans for physical objects. It supports many different file types from plain images, AutoCAD dxfs to Eagle schematics. Many of the designs already posted are made to be cut out by a laser cutter or built by a 3D printer.

[via Make]

8 thoughts on “SketchUp Adds Dynamic Components

  1. I use SketchUp a lot and have been using SU 7 PRO for just over 3 weeks now. I really like the whole dynamic components thing, especially the way you can have custom component options. I.E. I created a car that was fully customisable. Choose your own tires and everything! Hood color, window tint, spoiler. Three cheers to the SU Development Team!!! Hip Hip Horay!!!

  2. Running SU 7 under Wine 1.2.2 and Ubuntu 10.10. Everything else is great except the dynamic component windows which are completely empty. Anyone experience this? Any suggested solution?

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