LED Crazy DS

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Adding LEDs makes everything better. Watch this video as a regular old DS gets turned into one of the most awesome things on the planet. A ton of LEDs were added, some to the body, some to an extra cartridge, some behind buttons. Parts are wired into the speakers, so you get nice effects to your music. We’ll bet the battery life suffers, but who cares. This thing is worth it. This was originally taken from Nico Nico Douga, which overlays the comments on the video.

[via Boing Boing Gadgets]

16 thoughts on “LED Crazy DS

  1. There is a fine line between totally awesome blinking lights and crappy cellphone cover from that kiosk (you know, the store so sucky it doesn’t even have a real store) in the mall that only the junior high kids hang out at. don’t get me wrong, i love LEDs… but wow.

  2. Wish I could find the original NicoVideo link so I could watch without the comments. Who on earth uses a screenrecorder to save NicoVideo stuff rather than just pulling the original file from the site?

  3. Ok, so that was a DSi, not a DS Lite, right? If so, does anyone know what card was used to run home-brew? I read that homebrew didn’t work and that the loadable cartridges and things didn’t work with the new one.

  4. I suspect (ALSO not reading japanese) the intro is something to the effect of…

    “So the DSi is out now… and that means it’s time to upgrade my DSLite… BY ADDING SOUND-SENSITIVE LEDS!”

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