Professional soldering guide


Curious Inventor pointed out a cache of training materials provided by IPC. IPC is a trade organization that publishes standards for producing and evaluating electronics. They’re great looking full color guides that most hobbyists will probably never get their hands on. They have low resolution video demos as well. Go snag them now in case they go away!


  1. arthur92710 says:

    humm, I wonder how much longer the site will work.
    “Go snag them now in case they go away!”

  2. Iqueld says:

    looks like it’s going down already.

  3. rick says:

    Heh, we just tossed a TON of the IPC-610C books at work. We don’t use those standards anymore, we’ve gone to the Rockwell Standards. Much tighter, but produce a much better product.

  4. Apfelmus says:

    aargh no! :(
    already gone..
    can sb please send me the smt-guide?
    or maybe sb will upload it to a freefilehoster
    for everybody?

  5. Killes says:

    Maybe someone would be kind enough to make a torrent of the complete set ?

  6. fractalrock says:

    Did this site really just get a hackadotting?

  7. Alex says:

    The site didn’t initially load for me either. Just hit refresh a couple of times and it should load, it did for me twice already.

  8. James K says:

    Pretty sweet eh? :D

  9. Odin84gk says:

    Its not totally down on my visit, just very, very slow. (.1kB/s)

  10. ross says:

    looks like we killed their bandwidth.

  11. henkie says:

    you can access is a lot better through the CoralCDN: using this link:

  12. arthur92710 says:

    I got 23 out of 30 that I downloaded, Ill upload it in a few hours.

  13. Dan Fekete says:

    Here’s what I’m using. This should just grab the PDFs and videos (so far so good at about 3/4 of them). Its a slow connection, but it’s chugging along…

    wget –no-clobber –random-wait –wait=5 –retry-connrefused –no-directories –recursive –level=2 –accept pdf,wmv,mpg,mpeg,avi –reject html,htm,txt

  14. frik says:

    Yeah, we killed them – probably non of their site works well. I was only able to download “DRM-PTH-D through hole solder joint evaluation”.

    Artur92710, which ones you still don’t have? I will be trying with those first.

  15. frik says:

    By the way.. Has anyone noticed that Curious Inventor developed a really nice soldering guide?

  16. Jake says:

    2 days later and still down!? I managed 8 of the PDF’s and 1 video before it blew up…

  17. frik says:

    Ok then, how about uploading what we’ve got somewhere?

    Unfortunately I was unable to download anything more then “drm-pth-d through hole solder joint evaluation”, but it’s a good start I think.

    Here it is:

  18. Aaron says:

    I saw this and had to send an email to my friend “check this out! the curve from top left to bottom right on a front view exactly matches the curve from left to right on a side view (towards the point of refrence). I mean how do they get the surface tension to make such a perfect curve, when I pull my iron away I always get solder that tries to stick to my iron and then cools in ugly looking points”

    if anyone has these cats or other howto guides to solder this well please please send me an email.
    sirus20x6 at gmail dot com

  19. ctp says:

    could somebody email me the soldering guides as well? thnx.

    ctpatt at gmail dot com

  20. frik says:

    C’mon guys, upload something like I already did…

  21. ghostDancer says:

    someone said it was going to post a torrent, any news about that??

  22. Pouncer says:

    So sad…. they’re still down.

  23. arthur92710 says:

    sorry it took so long. Megaupload was giving me error 2.

  24. tgmdbm says:

    cool, hackaday has an Effect.

    thanks arthur

  25. frik says:

    Arthur, great job man, thanks!

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