PSP 3000 Hacked

Peripheral manufacturer Datel has been hard at work attempting to crack the PSP 3000 since its release. They’ve developed the Lite Blue Tool battery to force the PSP into service mode so hackers can run any arbitrary code they want. According to MaxConsole, Datel performed a silicon level investigation of the PSP’s chips to determine how to break into service mode. This means they decapsulated the the chips and reverse engineered any cryptographic protections. We’d love to hear exactly what chips were being used since some are fundamentally flawed.

Silicon hacking has always been a favorite topic of ours and we suggest you check out [Chris Tarnovsky]’s decapsulation technique to learn more about it.

63 thoughts on “PSP 3000 Hacked

  1. All this oneupsmanship with sorny stopped being worth it for me fairly quick back in the 1.5 days. (for me it was like, 90 days)

    I get WAY more bang for my buck from a netbook when it comes to running emulators/web/multimedia.
    A little more bulk but nearly _zero_ BS.

  2. @Strider: My PSP fits in my coat pocket; I have yet to see a netbook that can pull that off. I mean, I’ve seen palmtops, but I don’t want one. And even if I did have a netbook, and could easily take it with me everywhere, I’d have to play emulated games on (gack) a keyboard, or carry a separate (bulky) controller with me. Also, every once in a while there’s actually a PSP game worth buying, so I might be carrying it around anyway =-)

  3. @fartface ads? what ads? u mean there are people who dont use firefox with ad block plus? wow people need to learn how to use whats there. and for free. but on subject this is usless without the ipl’s. hopefully datel did a SEM scan on the cpu to get them.

  4. All this battery deoes is exactally what Darkalex has said for ages, that the psp-3000 has a pre-ipl code running that detects the custom ipl presented by the magic memory stick and pandoras battery and produces a black screen. This is exactally what the advert for this “hack” says, “we get a black screen with a power light on” so therefore homebrew and cfw? i think not.
    This battery is essentially a pandora and mms in one and does not open up the psp3000 atall.

  5. @asshats who block adds on sites they frequent
    the adds here are not obtrusive and they likely help fund the posting of content. so stop being a dick and disable adblock on the sites you frequent enough to post on, like this one.

  6. Yes it probably would work with the psp2000 motherboard but tbh, its easier and cheaper to use a pandoras battery.
    I think the progect has been renamed but do a search for it on or something

  7. I Heard that demo games can be played directly from psp like the psp 2000 hacked iso games so that means these game demos that are transfered to the psp must have some file extension so that psp can determine the their file format & run them so can’t we apply some sort of patch to the original game iso [ hacked ] & make the psp think they are demos but they really would be the full thing

  8. if someone could crack the protection of the games downloaded from the sony store there would be no need to hack your psp as 70% of homebrew users just want play the games from there memory stick and not the umd drive. if sony were to create such an application (a bit like s60 symbian signed) then they could eradicate hombrew by as much as 90% there is a small minority that wouldnt be satisfied with this tho. the psp 3000 will be hacked in time already vunrabilitys have surfaced ‘the gripshift exploit’. iv already seen a psp 3000 running custom firmware its not publicly available until the next exploit is found if released now sony would just block it and the path to hombrew is once again closed.

  9. bullshit it is fake, datel got sued for using reverse-engineering meaning, they pretty much copied sony’s shit and tried to sell it, it doesnt work anyway, a friend of mine somehow got his hands on one, it does the same thing as a pandora battery when inserted into a psp 3000 nothing! get a copy of gripshift, wait for the HEN (Homebrew Enabler) to come out i have a psp 3000 and grishift US. The exploit is real, hopefully Dark Alex takes it over it’s hackable, the fact is, the ones who can do it arent letting it out. Due to fears of putting the PSP out of the market.(Hint) it can be done

    Sony Rep.
    Orlando, FL

  10. We have successfully hacked a psp 3000, this was after bricking 11 other psps, but it was well worth it. I know most of you people, if any are reading this, will want to know the magic behind the trick, I tell you that we will not share it for three main points:
    1.- The psp 3000 is sony’s final hope to keep the psp alive. Game makers aren’t willing to put up with all the piracy around so they will definitively stop making games for the psp if the word of its hacking spreads out.
    2.- There aren’t homebrews that run on psp 3000, or if there are, i don’t know about their existence, and therefore, aren’t supported by our customzised firmware. What I can do with my freshly hacked psp 3000 is playing ISOs, CSOs, because the firmware we have developed supports it.
    3.- If it’s running around the internet, sony will eventually find a protection and send a firmware patching their flaw, preventing someone else to do it themeselves.
    The only thing we wanted to achieve was that, playing ISOs and CSOs, the rest of the stuff is just not as important, for us.
    Currently there are 7 psps 3000 that have runed our KnD (kill n destroy) which is a downgrader that can run on the psp 3000. It will take it all the way back to 1.5 OFW. then we developed the first ever choliware 1.0 which supports ISO and CSO.
    Pretty cool huh?.
    We don’t expect people to understand let alone accept our final deccision of keeping it a secret, but listen to this.
    There is hope.
    If 7 kids from Peru could take sony’s so called, unhackable psp, and hack it, WHAT’S STOPPING THE GREAT MINDS OF PSP HACKING LIKE DAX OR C+D? guys, we worshipped you, but i think this time we beated you to the punch.
    On the other hand, you guys might have already done it, but like us, are holding the information back.
    either way, we want to encourage the average psp player to start investigating. eventually someone foolish enough will hit it and share it.


  11. to :reTARD,i mean repTAR

    everyone already knows on various blogs that you talk a bunch of shit with not even a syllable of factual information, or proof, youtube it, or just shut the fuck up, talking shit with know back up, here let me try talk shit for five minutes of fame, example “i short circuited 6 psps and bricked 5, accidently broke when, then i magically hacked the 3000” what a stupid fucking thing to say, dissing DA, dude your a fucking idiot keep your mouth shut you douche bag, the dumb fucking things that will spew from someone’s mouth for five minutes of fame, i like this site, but if they let your post retarded shit like that, man i don’t know. You need to just drop off a fucking cliff or something.

  12. to:reptar
    what did that achieve. people think youre better than you actually are?
    anyone can say they hacked the psp-3000, its the proof that stops the hate mail.
    that little self rightious rant had no benificial effects whatsoever.
    youre lying.
    if not, prove me wrong.

  13. to:_ex
    i agree, reptar has put that same exact garbage on a few other sites and has been thrashed everytime i catch him, actually, the gripshift exploit was found by a guy named Joek who has infact hacked his 3000, Dark Alex let some guy named Miriam/Maxigen use the kernal mode exploit for research purposes and he leaked it, it’s possible, just knowing how to is something else i work for sony, not in that department, but the thing is custom firmware actually increased the sale of psp’s by triple, but as far as game developers making money, that’s a different story, i think cfw should be aloud, atleast for homebrew and beta testing.

  14. to: Id

    i know you would think that CFW is bad for game makers and it is true but one of the reasons i got my psp was to use it as a multi media stockpile of all my favourite gba , snes, psx games and alot more, with out that reason i might not have ever bought a psp. then you both, sony and the game makers, would have lost out on sales.

    in my opinion the best action sony could take is to meet hackers halfway. allow them to have the innocent features like snes emulator and psx emulators and other things that exclude psp games. generally this is what psp owners want. but when you take everything away there is a mad rush to hack the 3000 so we can get these innocent features. but if the hackers unlock these features then they also unlock the psp iso playing features. if you allow the innocent hacks then less hackers will be in a hurry to crack the new security. thus saving game makers and sony will still have its tripled sales.

    dont lock it all or you will unleash the wrath of the hackers when they eventually hack it. they will show no mercy

  15. to_ex
    yeah that’s what i meant, i think that they should allow the games to be downloaded by making them 30% cheaper than buying the umd, it would cure the whole problem, like i said it should definately allow user-mode homebrew, in my opinion u bought it, it’s your own business if you want to put emu’s or homebrew media, in fact i believe sony’s crippling theirselves by blocking user mode homebrew, it’s not fair you pay brand new $160 – $200 i think it’s your business from that point, plus there’s already a psp emulator for pc nearly finished, and i say once again, everything with a cpu brain is hackable, it takes time, but knowing the way things have been on the psp scene it will pop out of nowhere. As for hackers, are they really hacking? it’s their property, they can use as a frisbee and sony doesn’t forbid that. i have an unhackable mobo psp, i work in a low-level department in sony, and i don’t agree on how they block things user mode, it’s none of their business what u do with your psp, you paid for it, when that receipt hit your hand, it’s yours, not theirs:>

  16. to id

    yes exactly. it is ours but i can understand where sony is coming from in that it wouldnt want people downloading the games for free but i for one wasnt going to go that far. i just wanted to play kingdom hearts chain of memories on the bus ride to school but now im limited to official products. sony is just digging a bigger whole for themselves if they think limited (and it is limited)security will stop people from running custom code on their psps.

    they should embrace this feature. as i said before when it does get hacked and the hack made accesible to the world people wont hold back in downloading games in spite of sony. i am considering downloading isos because of sony wasting my time and money.

  17. look we need to try things ourselves cuz im sure dark alex is pissed cuz everyones countin on him to hack the psp 3000
    1) give him sum time
    2) if anyone knows anything about the psp code layout n such so i can help
    3) plz help me for those who know about things like this
    ive started studyin the situation and i plan on trying to help this issue even though im a noob at hackin im a quick learner
    ive watched a few days worth of hacking vids and read pages of cfw(custom firmware) to know how to do it
    gripshifts’ exploit is the best lead i have
    i just cant find how to create programs
    my email is

  18. @boricio,

    Yes. You can swap the PSP 2000’s motherboard with the unhackable 3000’s, but you can’t use your screen at all whatsoever… (the 2000’s motherboard doesn’t support the 3000’s “improved” screen) You’ll just get black screen with nothing happening unless you use the T.V. output feature. (Sorry if I’m making mistakes or typing poorly, It’s 4am, and I havn’t been to bed yet.)

  19. They should at least let us copy the ps1 games we already OWN to the psp.. you know, cause they arent bothering to release any at the psn store. (Im lookin at you FFVII..) BTW Japans store gets FF7 this week.. and the US store gets a great big “Fuck You”.. Last game they released over here was Sno-Cross.. Yep, Im pretty sure they hate us..

  20. @Samurai ed.

    They wont let us have anything that isnt legit for the 3000. If they give us the ability to put our own games on then hackers will work out how they can open that ability up. Also people will download ps1 games and put them on their psps which is illegal and sony wouldnt let that happen.

  21. assuming your epic Hack of the 3000 is genuine….then congrats.
    Still, to come out and say “I’ve finally done the impossible….but im not going to share” seems a bit cruel dont you think?

    I do however believe that psp will inevitably die out if its hacking potential is exploited to much. We should try to buy SOME title genuinely.
    (I try to buy at least 3 major titles a year) I would help keep the system evolving.
    Some of you may be saying, “Oh well fuck that, if i can get it for free why pay”
    LOOK….i just want them to make one with two fucking analog and maybe a touch screen…..and they’ll never get there if EVERYONE just hacks EVERYTHING all the time >_> ca piece’?

  22. only reason why i bought a psp…brought it to somebody to get it hacked, guy : “ummmm 3000’s can’t be hacked” Me : “you shittin’ me?” main reason was for emu’s

  23. @rockmandensetsu

    Yeah that was the same for me. I really wanted a gba emulator and a whole bunch of applications. I was so angry when I heard it hadnt been hacked.

  24. Man if i were to be the head of sony, i’d rather have a deal wid hackers as the moment a PS or a PSP gets hacked, the sales go up up n AAAAAA-way. As sum1 jus sd it goes up by fuckin 300%. N who thinks the 3000 is b8r than 2000. Jus a few grams reduced but wht abt the ill grapix lines visibl. instead the policy should b lik tht of selling the PSPs and then making a cfw in a umb. U buy the UMD, play any shit games u wanna at ur fingertips. Make the freakin cfw UMD dear enough. say like 40 – 60 $ something. As i believe tht if i were to spend $30 on game i wouldnt buy more than 2 – 3 a year. I got whole lotta comp shittin games for free and other ready platforms like wii that ARE hacked

  25. i have an idea for you geniuses…

    instead of hacking the psp to run iso and cso files, why not create a program to rip and run the games in pbp file instead just like the demo games in pbp format but runs with psp3000.

    i bet a lot can do this.

    cheers and goodluck!!!

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