Xbox 360 Jasper motherboards


The Xbox 360 has a brand new motherboard. Dubbed the Jasper, it presumably has a new 65nm process GPU. The new box has a 150W power supply instead of the former’s 175W brick. They’ve changed the plug design to prevent usage with old consoles. The most notable change is the onboard flash memory upgrade. Earlier consoles only had 16MB; new ones have 256MB. The majority of this storage will be used for the new dashboard, the NXE. The remaining space can be used for game saves. With the new storage, Arcade units are no longer including memory cards. You can see more images of the boards on Xbox-Scene.

26 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Jasper motherboards

  1. I guess it sucks even more cos its still not really that close to the ps3, even though they are trying to bring out things now like the microphone and camera which even ps2 had..

  2. Yeah edd – Sony is rockin it out this cycle, their too-powerful, too-expensive hardware with no games is certainly giving the 360 a run for it’s money.

    but, mzoft is learnin …

  3. wait…. psu down to 150, from 175w? …
    didnt they have probs with the psu’s fucking up?
    correct me if im wrong, but LOL
    its times like this im glad im a ps3/pc fan

  4. I’d like to correct you, because you are wrong.

    Wrong in your assumption that these are the same power supplies simply “turned down” somehow with no changes made to the design or manufacturer.

    being a ps3 fan doesn’t give you knowledge of things you have no knowledge of, (like manufacturing or engineering or design) it’s just a video gaming system.

    It’s times like these I’m glad I learned something about electronics and manufacturing and engineering and design.

  5. Actually, the Arcade SKU will still include the memory card. The NXE takes up too much of the onboard storage to let it be used for gamesaves.

  6. 1. The lower PSU is purely because due to the lesser wattage required by the newer revision board:

    Xenon/Zephyr – 90nm CPU and GPU – 203W PSU
    Opus/Falcon – 65mn CPU and 90nm GPU – 175W PSU
    Jasper – 65nm CPU and GPU – 150W PSU

    There’s no point shipping a 203W PSU with a unit only needing a maximum of 150W.

    2. The board redesign as no relevence to the ability of flashing the DVD drive. Since these will all ship with Lite-Ons, you’re still left with the task of sourcing another flashable DVD drive for backups.

    3. Due to the security on the 360, I very much doubt you’ll ever see proper homebrew for it.

  7. Actually you are wrong. On the 24th of December iXtreme 1.5 will be released for all drives, including LiteOn, so soon flashing LiteOns will be quite possible.

  8. ahh alright i was just worried they changed the components in the psu to cheaper ones, thus giving it less capabilities.

    makes sense tho if it uses less power, save some cash here and there

    dw about me being a ps3 fan, just being a smartass. pisses me off that the ps3 is prettymuch lobotomised thanks to hypervisor

  9. I do not get this either or mentally. About a year ago I was buying something for my Xbox360 when the assistant told me he was selling his Xbox so as to be able to buy the Wii. Now financial considerations aside I can’t help think about all the goodies he has missed since then! I bought the Wii when the new Mario Kart came out. I now have 4 of the 5 game systems out. In this day and age why not have them all. I have nearly clocked resistance 2. Each system has its good points and bad. After all lifes too short!

  10. This can be flased already, I hope that with the new changes tho, this will make the console as relliable as it should be, I have repaired the 3 red ring of death on 3 falcon motherboard elite consoles, just this week so far.

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  12. I’ll answer my own question above. Via further investigation it looks like it is only available in the Red Elite Limited Edition version.

  13. How about we all start a class action suit against MICROSOFT. If 1/10 of the xbox 360 owners were to join the suit, microsoft would be so overwelmed that they woud have to settle.
    OR how about all of us file individual Small Claim Suit.
    We got to do something

  14. Can anyone tell me if the Jasper upgrade has made it into the XBox Elite System? Thanks.?

    Yes it has but they are hard to find I got one last week in the midlands UK

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