TGIMBOEJ robot edition


Since we last reported about The Great Internet Migratory Box of Electronic Junk, several of these boxes have begun circulating in different areas of the world. Team Hack-a-Day launched three themselves. decided that there was a need for a specialized box just for those who hack robots, and have launched their own.

The box contains lots of things that will appeal to roboticists, such as servos, various sized motors, RC car parts, and even a small microcontroller board. Plus hackable items like old CD drives, a trackball, and miscellaneous electronic and hardware parts. Everything fits in a standard sized shipping box, but it is full. A complete list can be found on the site, and they also have pictures of the contents.

Those who wish to track the box can follow it under the name on the TGIMBOEJ wiki. There is also a place to get your name added to the list of potential recipients. The wiki contains information about the whole process, including how to start a new box.


  1. dexter says:

    how about one for Australia ?
    i have a metric ass load of robotics, stuff to hack.

  2. I’d also be interested in an Australian one. Getting one of the US ones here would be overly expensive.

  3. Del says:

    dexter and thekhakinator, see at the bottom of the page, and/or

  4. Man On Fire says:

    for you ausies, I don’t see the problem with starting one, assuming your postal service has a flat-rate shipping option, which is primarily the reason this got started.

  5. TJ says:

    Nothing is flat in this country.

  6. gr33ny says:

    call me a tard but how do you add your name to the list…already found the wiki list but don’t know how to link to it [ex: ]

  7. PodeCoet says:


    Haha that’s what sh… wait a sec

  8. Madis says:

    If there is any boxes in Europe id like receive one.
    I live in Estonia.


  9. tom61 says:

    @Del: You have to create a user account on the site, and then edit the page with your name and a web-place (website, blog, Flickr, but not an email address due to spam issues) to get in touch with you in the proper section. There’s instructions under the ‘How does this work?’ section.

  10. Joup says:

    Have you though about the metric ass load carbon footprint of this little venture?

  11. Scozza says:

    I have already launched two boxes in Australia. All we need now is for a few more people to sign up as recipients to keep it going for a while (-:


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