Hacked cell phone blood analyzer


Lensfree Ultrawide-field Cell-monitoring Array platform based on Shadow or LUCAS for short is an amazing new hack by a researcher at UCLA. This quick little hack involving only some wire, a filter, and an LED might revolutionize blood testing. This hacked camera replaces a unit that is usually the size of a refrigerator and very expensive to run. This is a pretty amazing achievement and should serve as inspiration for hackers all everywhere.

[thanks to everyone who sent us this link]


  1. Mikotoke says:

    Excellent work, this can change blood testing as it is today, once more, good job guys!

  2. supernova_hq says:

    It would be nice if the summary would mention that it is for detecting diseases, etc. However even after reading the article, I still have no idea WHICH diseases it detects…

  3. loststeve says:

    @ supernova_hq:
    Well then you obviously can’t read , it mentions two … back to school!

    Be nice to have some more info tho – I’d find it hard to believe the phone can run the software as these things usually require some number-crunching power, but if it doesn’t why’re they using a phone?

    Some more info, but not a lot, here:


  4. macegr says:

    looks just like the lensless microscope project from makezine: http://cachefly.oreilly.com/make/lensless_microscope.pdf

  5. amk says:

    Am I the only one thinking these guys jumped the gun going public here? Anything that involves a modded cellphone camera is obvious in the very early stages of development. I would have hung on to this idea a bit longer and produced a proper prototype.

  6. Ian says:

    “I’d find it hard to believe the phone can run the software as these things usually require some number-crunching power, but if it doesn’t why’re they using a phone?”

    If only there was some commonly available device which had a camera attached and was capable of transmitting data over large distances!

    Man, someone should invent that.

  7. foxops says:

    the software doesn’t run on the phone, it runs on a pc. they did produce a prototype, two others actually – besides the phone, so I guess that is three. just follow the link and you to can become a wealth of knowledge that makes snarky remarks :)

  8. sarsface says:

    wouldn’t using a wide wavelength RGB led be better, as you could cycle through the colors and take an exposure with each? seems much more logical.

  9. oh my god. is it cell phone. i dont image it

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