High quality macro lens


[Chris] wanted to do some macro photography, but found the price tag off putting. He was looking at roughly $800 for a decent macro lens. Instead, he decided to build his own. He wanted to build a lens that could be removed and used just like his normal lenses. He picked up a standard Canon AF lens for $10 to start with. He has posted detailed steps on how he modded it to work, and you can see the results are quite stunning. Great job [Chris]. If you want to try your hand at macro photography but don’t think you can pull of a job like this, you might want to check out the pringles can macro lens.


  1. thethirdmoose says:

    sometimes, it’s really hard to figure out what a hack is about if you link to a page somewhere in the middle of the article. please link to the front page of the hack.

  2. iheartfilm says:

    Before I got my macro, I just reversed my 50mm. Worked great. I still use it from time to time.


  3. therian says:

    nice hack, photo equipment is overpriced

  4. cmholm says:

    I agree, a nice hack. It’s good to have a diy alternative when one can’t quite find the thing you need on eBay right when you need it.

    That said, when time wasn’t of the essence, I was able to eBay a reverser ring, an OEM macro prime lens, and an OEM bellows for my manual focus SLR in the mid-two figures.

  5. FireFox says:

    Indeed, not so much of a hack. I bought a couple of reversed filter adaptors for like 5 $ and I have similar if not better results than this guy with all of his efforts..

  6. jaded says:

    But a simple reversed filter adaptor doesn’t operate the aperture the way his extension cord method does. Or you can spend >$500 and get a Novoflex that has the wires and bellows here: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/197010-REG/Novoflex_EOSRETRO_Reverse_Lens_Adapter_for.html

    That adapter would probably be worth it if I had a big collection of L series glass. But I don’t. :-(

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