Windows 95 running on an N95


We’ve had this same hack submitted by two people, pointing to two different(translated) sources(translated) today. It seems with a recent version of dos box, you can load windows 3.1 or windows 95 on N95 or N85 devices. They’re both in polish, so they may be the same people posting in different places.  If you can follow along, there seems to be sufficient information to do this yourself. We don’t know why you would want to, but you could. You can see a video of it in action after the break.

[thanks Eddie and ft]


  1. Phaux says:

    I’m totally trying this on my N95-3 when I get home :D

    I wonder if this will pave the way to installing other types of OSes on it, like a full copy of linux, or maybe Win2k or XP? Probably not enough power to drive XP, scratch that…

    Anyhow, looks great! I’d rather have 98SE though!

  2. Ryan says:

    Surely the E71 would be a good idea for this? It’s got similar hardware to the N95, just the qwerty keyboard and landscape screen might make things a little easier…

  3. _matt says:

    so how well does it play crysis?

    on a realistic note, I wonder how it would compare to my pentium 1 machine w/ 64megs of ram, it definately booted faster.

    windows 95 on an n95, windows 95 on a psp, vista on a ps3…is there an architecture windows hasn’t been run on?

  4. aztraph says:

    i don’t believe it, there wasn’t any BSoD!!

    cool hack tho

  5. aaron says:

    Um yeah, I’m going to call shenanigans on that. Look at the 4th and 5th picture. That installer screen wasn’t introduced until windows 2000. You would not see those screen in a win95 install. Also look at the last few pictures, notice how they all zoom in on just the screen so you can see the phone any more. It’s a total fake.

  6. edocronian says:

    wheres my OS/2 emulation at?

    I demand Mahjong!

  7. r.a. says:

    So you can send a wave of Tanya’s, in redalert?

  8. n00bhunter says:

    Lame : \

  9. HaDAk says:

    I knew I wanted an N95 for a reason. <3 God, I wish it was CDMA.

  10. netd says:

    That is the Windows 3.1 installer. Yes, it really did look like that. And yes, Dosbox really is capable of running Windows 3.1 and Windows 95.

  11. Louis II says:


    I have never installed W2K, but Have Win 3.1 many, many times. Maybe you could devote some effort to reading the screen-shot text before calling shennanigans? It clearly states Windows 3.1.


  12. Louis II says:

    (stating my past install experience is to provide a derived understanding that I am confirming that the win 3.1 installer looks just like that.)

  13. cath0de says:

    i was so happy _not_ to see ‘why would anyone do this’ when i read the comments

  14. snaderator says:

    Why would anyone do this?

  15. Derrekito says:

    Slow? Wow they got it to work at native speeds? Impressive.

  16. cath0de says:

    funny stuff snaderator. sigh.

  17. George says:

    Now I want to play Minesweeper.

  18. chr0n1c says:

    lol, in the related videos they have…
    “Cooking Ham with a Laser Beam”

  19. Subdolus says:

    Rad. Now everyone in the office is looking at me weird – thinking I’ve seeked out that damn song.

  20. t.james says:

    Here is an English translation of whole installation process made by author of original post

    have fun lads.

  21. Noobixide says:

    Well now with all of this BS-Calling, I’m confused. What OS is that? What is the mention to windows 3.1 vs the title that says its 95?


  22. sly says:


    I can think of one architecture off the top of my head that I’ve never seen windows run on (without some type of virtual machine)…

    check the video… it shows win95

  23. Th3_uN1Qu3 says:

    So, what’s its use? Right now it’s being run through DOSBox which is awfully slow for this task, and it’s an EMULATOR. Basically Windows doesn’t “run on Symbian”, it runs under an emulator that runs on Symbian. Plus the n95’s screen is too small even for the VGA resolution.

    When we’ll get to virtualization on smartphones, well, that will be something.

  24. Mr Novack says:

    What ever makes microsoft fanboys wet them selfs over enjoyment of running windows on something.

  25. exfuga says:

    but can it run spinrite?

  26. l says:

    so, what does EULA say on this?

  27. superbog says:


  28. Irish says:

    How about NeXT?

  29. Irish says:

    dang! no way to capital the n, x, & t

  30. winsucker says:

    There’s my E71 running it.

  31. y8 says:

    i don’t bilieve it

  32. Frogz says:

    *cries* palmdosbox(NOT the official version, a private release from the same guy who made zdoomz and LJP, for more infi) crashes my palm centro when attempting to load windows 1.0 2.0 3.11 and 95
    if i can get any of them working, expect a HAD submission on the flip side, palmdosbox(atleast the unofficial copy) works pretty good on most things, hm, would anyone be interested if i wrote a post for HAD for palm cellphone users? i got a 690(aka centro) a few weeks ago, already it can play snes games and run opera mini(obviously 2 things it cant do out of the box, opera mini isnt exactly compatable out of the box either), for the record although i wont say this in the official post, 4shared contains MANY patched prc files

  33. cxcxzcv says:

    i found this on many websites and i dont understand
    whats “big” in this,i got win 3.11 on my psp,motorola e2, toshiba g900 and i dont see anthing amazing in this

  34. jormi says:

    in my nokia5320 funk very good!

  35. kamanashi says:

    95 for Warcraft or Starcraft maybe. Does Starcraft even work on 95?

  36. Th3_uN1Qu3 says:

    course starcraft works on 95, when it was released 98 wasn’t out yet. but since dosbox has no video driver for windows (nor should it), you’re stuck with the standard vga driver, so you have no hardware acceleration, not even basic 2d.

    you will have a very very slow starcraft.

  37. Frogz says:

    dont ask me to confirm it as being real as i cant ;)
    doesnt stop me from trying to get a few bucks from metacafe, vote high!

    process done using dosboxpalm modified, vmware, ultravnc and palmvnc

  38. skedone says:

    they have now added windows 98 as well as 3.1 and 95

  39. amjadk says:

    i tried it on my n79 it works but its really slow
    the only problem is that when i plug it to the tv it shows it as if i was holding the phone in a normal typing way but it was still sideways so when i turn the phone it stretches and gets all messed up :P
    so it works but its pixely…

  40. starfan says:

    do u think u will be able to run starcraft on nokia n95 8gb?

  41. Poo says:


  42. Esa says:

    Can someone help me to get my dosbox? I´ve got n95 but dosbox won´t open. The phone screen just turns gray and nothing happens. What is the problem? Dosbox should work on n95, shouldn´t it?

  43. Amit says:

    Yes i have nokia n95 mobile phone i want to instal windows in my selphone……please help me….

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