Skate or Die with a real skateboard

In order to update Skate or Die to a newer experience, [Jeff] has hacked together a skateboard controller for his Commodore 128. He’s using a parallax propeller to interface the skateboard to the unit, and another controller to boot up the game. Watch out Wii.


  1. Nemo says:

    Ha. Small world. Was looking on the parallax website earlier today (going to get a demo board for my b-day *yay*), and I looked at that exact same thing.

  2. The VIPER! says:

    Nce hacking, very impressive! Wow Commodore 128 its been awhile. Its great to see such a great old system still in action today.

  3. Reezy says:

    That is skate or die 1 (unless that is a typo, 2 is kind of near the E) even so, its still Skate or Die 1…. one of the coolest skateboard games ever for NES,720 sucked (arcade version is best skateboard game ever!!), california games is awesome..

    ye skate or die 1

  4. justgosh says:

    Video #2

  5. pragma says:

    Reezy is right. Who could forget that Ron Hubbard intro tune? Not only is it Skate or Die 1, but it is also a C64 game – that C128 is running in C64 mode.

    Now, for the sake of that hacker’s sanity, I sincerely hope he’s working on 1541 diskette emulation. Tape loads on the Commodore always did take forever.

  6. Yes, it is Skate or Die 1, I’m not sure how the editor figured it was two. The intro tune is awesome, and I should have used it as the audio track for the second video. I have a fast uIEC device (compaqflash), but it was more fun to do the load from another Propeller.

  7. pragma says:

    @oldbitcollector: Seriously though – awesome work.

  8. Sp`ange says:

    the only reason tape loads where slow was because of the physical limitations. Under emulation, it doesn’t matter. I’m sure it was waaay easier to program for the tape deck.

  9. Caleb Kraft says:

    yeah, skate or die 1. I’m not sure where I got 2. It has been corrected now.

  10. Andar_b says:

    That ‘with’ on the video probably, so you saw Skate or Die 2 with Parallax Propellers. Maybe?

  11. shoes says:

    Bro that is awesome, as a skateboarder that is very inspiring to me. With that site it looks as though I can refer some bros.

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