24 Solid State Drives in Raid

In a time when marketing is all around us, companies often have to come up with new and creative ways to get us excited. Some go the viral route, others hire famous spokes people. Samsung did well with this idea. Let some computer geeks build something awesome and have fun with it. They chained 24 drives together to create a whopping 6Terrabyte array. They run various speed tests and even test the drive integrity by bouncing on a trampoline while dangling them from their chords. Yeah, they make the computer geeks a little geekier than they need to be, but who didn’t get excited to see those transfer speeds?


  1. Alex Towler says:

    I love the soundtrack – Good fun video – and bloody hell. I thought my machine was fast but DAMN! Now how much would a build like that cost.

  2. Incubus says:

    Has anyone told they you don’t need to defrag SSDs?

  3. andrew says:

    incubus: i was thinking the same thing :) the seek time is basically zero for ssd’s, so they’re test doesn’t show very much.

  4. andres says:

    “while dangling them from their chords.”

    since when are solid state drives so musical?

  5. Jonathan Mayer says:

    You don’t need to defragment them! In fact, that only hurts the drives…

    Besides that, the video was pretty awesome. 2GBps is nothing to laugh at.

  6. Marcus says:

    Ok, im almost rolling under the table of laughter at that marketing stunt and soundtrack.

    But really 6TB in ssd, that would be a nice setup to have, but i would put the drives inside the case :-)

  7. Ryan Staniforth says:

    Wow, that was pretty damn epic.

  8. Dingus says:

    I love how they didn’t mention the cost of any of the parts. Not even the price of a single SSD.

  9. smilr says:

    You know – those ssds were hardly full when doing the “defrag” – try it again when your 6 terabytes of drive has only 6 megs of free space and severe fragmentation.

    Crysis at high res? Absolutely has more to do with the ram/cpu/videocards/motherboard than drive access speeds.

    About the only part of this that impressed me was A) the 2 GBPS transfer speed and B) the fact that when bouncing on the trampoline none of the drives came unplugged.

  10. Pilotgeek says:

    I agree with everyone on the defragging… don’t defrag an SSD >.< It’s only going to decrease the life of the drive. For being such “nerds”, they should know defragging doesn’t help anything on an SSD. Also… wtf with crysis? Hard drives don’t make an ass-worth’s difference on the games you can run unless you have an absolutely horrible hard drive. It will decrease loading times, that’s about it. What I really want to see is how quick it can make Half-Life 2 loading times =P.

  11. cameron20020 says:

    imagine somthing like than in an eeepc….somehow imagine lol

  12. huguin says:

    yeah how about showing the write speed, not read speed, we know reading is really fast

  13. cynic says:

    As said above, showing in-game footage of Crysis is nothing special. Show us how long it took to load the level.

  14. H3PO says:

    hahaha, 2gbyte/s…
    as they’ve described it, saying it’s 6tb of storage, they’d only have a huge jbod which will never give 2gbyte/s… more like 2gbit/s.
    12*raid 1+0 would possibly make the mainboard hit its bandwith limit.
    so how stupid can one be, send 24 pricey ssds to someone who tries to defragment them to prove the speed!?
    or, even better, delete a single 5gig file in ntfs… wow, what a showoff.

  15. punmaster says:

    “Defraggin’ my hard drive for thrills.”
    – Weird Al Yankovic

  16. WeblionX says:

    Did Weebl make the soundtrack or something?

  17. I hope we are not talking 2 gbit/s because I spent far far less on 750 gig SATAs with a 9650SE-ML16 3ware card and get 480MB/s writes. Yes, almost 2x the speed for my guess, over 10x less.

  18. Nate says:

    Song was cool, that’s about it.

    All that and they still can’t catch typos on there site…

  19. Nate says:

    Oh, and I forgot to add, looking up the prices on 256gb SSD’s. About $500, you do the math. 24 drives. Over $12000 in SSD’s….

  20. Taylor Alexander says:

    is this the *second* time I’ve seen the word “cord” misspelled as “chord” here on hackaday? This is not a musical chord and it is not a section taken from a circle, it is an electrically cord and should be spelled as such. How can a hacker writer misspell such a common word?

  21. Anon-e-mouse says:

    That DeFrag thing was bogus though; They used Auslogics Disk Defrag and if you look at the numbers, even though it went through over 10,000 files only 3 of them were actually fragmented… My computer does the same thing, and I have only a 500GB 7200HDD. the rest was just CPU if you ask me, you don’t need good transfer rates to open start menu programs and to run crysis I’m not sure why the hell they think 2GB a second would help there lol. 2GB transfer rates are really awesome, but the way they showed it was plain stupid.

  22. mytharak says:

    “electrically cord”

    ROFL, taylor

    Oh the irony.

    “How can a hacker writer misspell such a common word?”

    You tell me…. you tell me….

    It’s not like these comments are professional writings or anything. Ease off man. If you’re going to be a grammar Nazi then at least have the decency to use correct grammar

  23. Josh says:

    @nathan… what drives are you using that can get those kinds of r/w cycles?

  24. bash says:

    Well I know what I am going to invest my tax refund in…

  25. chris says:

    I hope you guys got paid for posting it.

  26. Jim says:

    Not for nothing, but doesn’t delete on NTFS just erase the record int the Master File Table — not actually traverse the bits and clear them? So you could delete a 5TB file in roughly the same speed as a 5b file — no?

  27. -hero says:

    it was so boring i almost killed myself
    i trust you will cover my psychiatric expenses


  28. takato says:

    what they need to do is have the bare minimum ram for vista and try to use a paging file only

  29. yoss says:

    @takato – good idea

    not sure about the chords. does that sound like minor 7th to you?

  30. SteveDiRaddo says:

    really.. the soundtrack sounds a lot like weebl.. or even firth..

    either way i want one!!

  31. nick says:

    The only way they pulled this off was of the Full custom ram and the serious processing power this thing had, it was a super computer for god sakes!! all super computers are capable of feats like this, and most of them cost way below half the price. Now if they did this with a regular computer with an average cpu, lets say an athalonx2 with 2 gigs of ram, and the system not overclocked to insane levels. Im confident a average hard drive would beat all of those solid state drives installed in a similar machine.

  32. therian says:

    look like they dont know what they doing

  33. random_dude says:

    I think the point of this was to prove the concept that SSDs can meet and even beat traditional hard drives in the performance arena. Of course, just because you *can* doesn’t mean it’s practical.

  34. entropia says:

    very cool! I want for myself. :)

    p.s. typo: 6 terabytes, not terrabytes.

  35. james says:

    Bit like having a mac really

  36. Iv says:

    I don’t get the DVD ripping either : copying a DVD iso is probably pretty fast, but ripping it will reach the DVD drive limit.

    Defrag and crysis were nonsense as well. This is marketing with a different smell.

  37. nubie says:

    I see nobody has mentioned the “copying DVD file” test.

    It was a 700mb rip, not even a 4.7GB rip. (If I had 6TB of storage you can bet I am not going to subject my video to poor compression.)

  38. hum4n says:


  39. W0W and I thought that I wasted time…
    As a true geek you ARE a hacker with ETHICS…
    Use a large “marketing” program to do the same thing…
    At someone elses cost they’ll never know..
    They do have “super computers” and they CAN be hacked…

  40. OH yea be sure to use the right CHORDS…

  41. free4all says:

    funny idea did it w/seagates when 1gb hard drives did’nt exist…
    like them it looks nice lots of storage but no real use except stor lots of music!! lol

  42. aficionado says:

    lulz @ you guys

    of course its all bs, it was a marketing team

    good to see that you can all get trolled by a youtube video

  43. Gert says:

    Run Crysis.

  44. nick says:

    fwiw, it seems like you’re missing the entire point of the video if you’re dwelling on the fact you don’t need to defrag SSDs. the video was just a bunch of random tests to show their speed (some are more valid than others). defrag on normal HDs is slow, here quite the contrary.

  45. BAF says:

    Am I the only one wondering why they needed two 1000 watt power supplies to power that? And the only one not impressed at the delete speed? I can delete files almost as fast.

  46. Pilotgeek says:

    in that case, why not advertise the fact that you don’t even need to defrag in the first place? an ssd has almost no seek time, therefore defragging is entirely pointless. They tried making points in the video, but the points proved nothing except that they don’t know what they’re talking about.

  47. joshcabico says:

    yes i am quite surprised as well about how they didn’t brag about how ssds don’t need defragging

  48. is it me, or did i see left for dead on there… shame he didnt show how that runs

  49. Drew Harwell says:

    The 2 GB/ s is impressive, but a couple of the tests were bogus. Crysis was the one that threw me off, they should’ve just showed the loading time for it.

    Still, pretty sweet.

  50. Thsyrus says:

    God what a miserable bunch. I think most of the people who have made comments here need a fucking sense of humour.

    Fuck Me

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