Apple logo secondary monitor


MacMod member [EdsJunk] has modified the Apple logo on his MacBook to act as a second video display (cache). There’s a video embedded below showing it playing Quicktime videos and the iTunes visualizer. Unfortunately there aren’t any details of the hardware used. From the display settings, it looks to have a resolution of at least 640×480. We hope to see more details soon.

[Thanks Astera]


  1. Dan says:

    Thats pretty rad, it looks like he didn’t do any special software for it either, appears to be configured just like a secondary monitor.

    I especially like the apple on fire thing he showed and the isight was novel.

  2. cyrozap says:

    That’s pretty cool. WANT.

  3. Eddie Zarick says:

    hey guys.. this is my mod i did.. i just would like to put up my site to go to since macmod goes down, probably from the traffic… but its edsjunk . net

  4. octelcogopod says:
  5. nestor says:

    Especially intriguing is the apparent lack of external cables.

  6. kyle007 says:

    Thats soo super sweet, what about using a larger lcd and making the whole back, a screen, the back light would light both LCD’s right.. I wish he’d show how he did this.

  7. dext3r says:

    holy crap, i totally had this idea a couple months ago. to use something like the nokia color LCD sparkfun sells behind the apple logo and show itunes album artwork on it. good job man.

  8. me says:

    I think an eye or eyeball peaking around through the apple shaped hole would be pretty cool.

  9. dan says:

    that’s seriously cool; is it a USB mini screen or something?

  10. ian says:

    I’m skeptical until I see some shots of the guts and details of how you did it.
    It doesn’t help that there’s an obvious edit after seeing the video on the logo screen and rotating it to see the front screen again. The main screen at the start could be a color transparency on a screen flipped 180 degrees, backlit the same way the apple logo is normally lit.

    Give me more details, show me the guts, and I’ll celebrate this as one of the top Powerbook hacks.

    BTW, something change on hack-a-day? There hasn’t been a tiresome yet inevitable “LOL MAC SUX” post yet.

  11. Ste@l says:

    lol Mac Suxors… Nah pretty good I would also like to see the writeup and to give a suggestion stick a projectore there instead so not only would you have the external image on the wall behind you it would be in the shape of an apple…

  12. Capone el Vaporo says:

    eh mac are the sux!!!!!1111


    i too am doubtful about this hack, espically since every single aprt of the demonstration could have been done with a greenscreen apple logo,

    once again, show us the guts, or we won’t believe you.

    show us lowly hackadayers your handiwork!

  13. rasz says:

    7′ car TV connected to macbook TV-out
    its impressive he was able to fit all the junk inside

  14. Louis II says:

    “Give me more details, show me the guts, and I’ll celebrate this as one of the top Powerbook hacks.”

    It’s not a powerbook. It’s not even a mac book of any kind. It’s an MSI Wind… which he installed OSX onto and cut tho apple logo in to.
    Go RTFS (read the f’n source) next time. sheesh.

  15. breakemrules says:

    nah..pretty good. Too bad I use Windows.

  16. marz says:


  17. Eddie Zarick says:
  18. giveaphuk says:

    i guess this is an extension of the LCD digital picture keychain hack

  19. rasz says:

    not really, he has it connected as a secondary monitor so its not using one of those mini DPFs. Its most likelly 7′ car TV/Playstation screen like the ones that are used for console laptops

  20. ian says:

    “It’s not a powerbook. It’s not even a mac book of any kind. It’s an MSI Wind… which he installed OSX onto and cut tho apple logo in to.
    Go RTFS (read the f’n source) next time. sheesh.”

    Re-read it yourself, louis-twoie. The msi wind logo hack is a *different project* from this one.
    Look at the auction listing, where you can clearly see “mac pro” above the keyboard.

    Powerbook is just easier to say than “apple-branded laptop” or knowing what the minor differences are between the mac book pro and non-pro models. my nomenclature is still stuck in the 90s.

    And still we’re seeing no progress shots, and now it’s for sale. I think this guy’s either a phony or he’s not sharing his info just so he can be the only one profiteering from this type of hack. Either way, not exactly in the true spirit of hacking. Share the info, or this hack-a-day post, along with the engadget article, etc., are nothing but free advertisements for this guy’s ebay auctions.

  21. Jonathan says:

    Nice Hack. My guess is he used one of these usb monitors since in the eBay posting he states one usb port does not work due to the monitor:

  22. Hacker says:

    It’s a trick! He obviously took the Apple logo out of the shell and then put everything else back together. What you’re seeing is the back-side of the monitor now viewable thru the missing Apple logo plastic insert.

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