Laser cut drum kit


[Segwaymonkey] picked up an arduino based drumkit circuit and needed a kit to place it on. He worked up a pretty cool design and had it laser cut out of acrylic. The cool part of the design is how he delt with the head motion of the drum. Each head has 4 “springs” that were also cut from the acrylic. The Arduino based drum circuit sits on a little pedestal in the middle, as though it were on display. We really like the design, but we have to wonder if a little noise dampening on the heads might be a good idea. He hasn’t released the plans, but says he might once he gets it perfect.


  1. chicosoft says:

    Looks so cool

  2. metdrummer says:

    That’s pretty cool. He would need to rearrange the drums for it to be more effective playing-wise, though. Otherwise, pretty good. And yeah, noise dampening will probably need to be required, unless he’s somehow already worked that in without being apparent on the picture….

  3. anitokyo says:

    Cool! I love this! Somehow, I think I will get a kit from spikenzielab and make some drums for the band I am in and use my computer as the drum software. (D’Accord anyone?)

  4. obsoehollerith says:

    Hey! very cool!I’m a guitarist who’s been hacking drum-kit-type-contraptions since before it was called hacking- a c_sio or whatever keyboard w/percussion presets,those kinda things- basically anything that I could wire to microswitches or whatever I could scrounge(gomi)and make drum-like sounds. I’m impressed with your kit-as a proof of concept kind of thing,though it’s not quite practical yet. I look forward to seeing what you post when your’e done. It’s gorgeous! Keep it up!

  5. Audin says:

    I’m bummed the arduino isn’t making the sound itself though.

  6. ShiniGamiSan says:

    As a long time professional drummer (Platinum Record from Duran Duran), this is cool, but would play like crap. Needs to have something with some sort of response, like a layer of rubber, to give it bounce. I’ve got a 18 piece electronic set, that I had custom made, all the heads are rubber. If he made them round, he could use stock off the shelf heads, all of the same size.

  7. jamieriddles says:

    I agree with audin, would make it much cooler if a computer wasnt involved in the process

  8. obsoehollerith says:

    Whoa-cool down! wer’e getting waaay too deep and serious,people! Nobody said anything about this replacing everyone’s kits.The whole point is that it was done in the first place! Wahoo!

  9. deathshadow says:

    Funny, at first I thought it was a row of oddly shaped toilets…

  10. rory rong says:

    lossa great suggestions from interested people, but I’d not be quite so quick to admit just where ya got that platinum from tho… OOOH!

  11. being a muso myself, I would agree about dampening the skins, wouldn’t wont the additional unwanted sound from wood hitting acrylic

  12. darkblackcorner says:

    Is there a video or something, so I hear how it sounds? I’d very much like to make it – looks like a fairly inexpensive project depending on where you get the rest of the materials…

  13. belajar drum says:

    wow..its so cool how about the price?? and where can I get that??

  14. Chris says:

    Its amazing how many people are evolving the guitar hero style drum kit. It’s like custom drum kits!

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