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[Pete] has put together a fairly simple writeup on building a wireless USB tether for your DSLR. He’s basically using a pair of USB wireless adapters and a battery pack. In his original version, he did some slight modification to the dock that powers the USB dongle, adding his own battery pack too. He notes that this whole project can be done without the effort he put into it, at a little more expense.  The only improvement we think would be nice would be a better way to package it to keep it out of the way while you shoot.

13 thoughts on “Wireless Portable USB Tether

  1. The post mentions that this can be accomplished at “a little more expense” without the effort. I assume the author is referring to the commercially available unit. Unfortunately, it is much more than a little more expensive. The nikon unit is over $700, pete’s can be made for about 1/17th of that.

  2. Quick note about those Energizer energi-to-go thingamys, they don’t like rechargable batteries unless they’re literally just freshly charged and so the voltage is near that of an alkaline/lithium AA cell. The DC boost chip inside is only rated for 3v input and isn’t very tolerant of over voltage, somewhat annoying because I loathe buying disposable batteries, but it only cost me £1.99.

    Otherwise that looks like it’s an ideal way to take photographs and store them directly to your laptop in your backpack, then all you need is one of thsoe mobile broadband dongles so with the right software you can have the photos uploaded to the web and/or a secure storage place immediately after they’re taken.

    I don’t think the police would like that very much… :)

  3. He complains that hardwiring the dongle to the cradle would mean he couldn’t plug/replug it.

    Since he removed the connector anyway, just add a switch on the USB 5V line.

  4. Well i dont know where Haku is from but in Greece it would be a nice patent to save your pics from the pigs… The only thing i am thinking is that you put your camera and your laptop at risk…

  5. Has anyone tried this tethering with a phone? For internet? Because wireless tether blows and many computer do not have wireless cards. Also, could this be adapted to use USB driven power?

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