Motöri the Plotter

The Motori plotter is fast and high precision. One image shows that it is drawing lines at .5mm. Like others in the flickr set, we keep thinking of how we could apply this to PCB creation. Great job [svofski]. If you want one that’s not as precise, but might have a much cooler drawing mechanism, you might want to check out the lego arm plotter we posted back in May.


  1. JackTheVendicator says:

    I think the pencil could be replaced with a conductive pen

  2. Laserbeak43 says:

    LOL it’s Whistling!!

  3. catzburg says:

    NSFW!! LOL JK, awesome

  4. matt says:

    sharpie, then etch?

  5. tikka says:

    sounds awesome

  6. nave.notnilc says:

    just stick a dremel on it

  7. cyanide says:

    needs more crayons

  8. jim slipper says:

    you made a machine that draws naked dudes ? fail!

  9. bill hates says:

    the lady is A-sexual and has small tits wtf

  10. nnx says:

    Its the famus picture on that spaceprobe, you illiterate dipswitchs, not a nude chick.

  11. paul says:

    i aree with nave. a dremel at the right height would make a pcb in a flash

  12. Ian Tester says:

    The two nude figures are from the plaques on the Pioneer spacecraft. Look up “pioneer plaque” on Wikipedia.

  13. Hackius says:

    0.5mm isn’t enough accuracy for PCB creation.

  14. svofski says:

    Hi, thanks for mentioning my contraption!

    There seems to be confusion about plotter accuracy. I can’t measure it to be +/- 0.5mm exactly, it’s much higher actually and I can draw a PCB many times over the same place and it will reproduce it exactly right every time. This is the good part, but…

    all pens that I tried produce lines that are at least thicker than 0.5mm, and this is a serious limitation for a PCB layout, spacing between traces and pads has to be wider than usual. The ink also tends to spread a little bit unevenly on copper, so the result is not comparable with a traditional laser printer/UV photoresist method. It can work for simplier designs though. SOIC is ok, 0.8mm TQFP is ok.

    You can’t hang a dremel on a plotter gantry. Plotters are not rigid enough.

  15. fartface says:

    How about just send your eagle files to batch PCB and get a board that is done right in short order.

    Or if you are ADHD and cant wait, get the blue iron on etch resist pages and etch it yourself before your bawls sugar and guarana buzz wears off.

    I have no idea why you guys are so intent on making etching PCB’s to be a rube goldberg thing.

  16. Evilhacker says:

    Is the dude above me a complete jerk or am I wrong? the whole idea of a page like this is to show what people are doing “themselves” not what some commercial company is producing.. I for one love the plotter and think with a little refinement it could make pcb’s for us no problem.. svofski please if you read this release the schematic and any code to go along with it .. I for one cant wait to get building.. with my own toner transfer pcb and all ;)

  17. Hackius says:

    Evilhacker: you’re 100% right. This is a HACK site!
    Fartface is a jerk.

  18. anon says:

    “You can’t hang a dremel on a plotter gantry. Plotters are not rigid enough.”

    yes you can, you will have to do some work

    you just have to make it strong enough to take the weight and vibration

    you can get very accurate linear bearings and rails from any industrial supply company…and much more powerful drives for the increased weight

    and its not like you cant slow it down a bit if you are overshooting because of the momentum

  19. anon says:

    This is great, I have a question. I have very little information on the mechanics of this stuff. I wanted to know how this decides what to draw first, next and last.

  20. svofski says:

    Can anyone suggest an industrial supply company that would ship internationally? I only know mcmaster-carr, but they don’t do exports.

  21. anon says:
  22. googfan says:

    that image was sent into space on the pioneer 10

  23. Ru says:

    “you just have to make it strong enough to take the weight and vibration”

    This is completely true. Also, if you machine the plotter frame out of cast iron and fit it with ballslides and use ballscrews instead of belts to move the head, you could mount a heavy duty milling head on it and cut stainless steel.

    Only at that point, it wouldn’t be a simple, lightweight, inexpensive plotter, would it?

  24. svofski says:

    @rs: exactly!

    Here’s the project description, circuits and source code:

    It’s a WIP, subject to change without notice ;)

  25. anon says:

    “Only at that point, it wouldn’t be a simple, lightweight, inexpensive plotter, would it?”

    lulz, you are right

    the point i am trying to make is that the controller is the most difficult part. if you can gank it from somewhere, it shouldnt be too difficult or too expensive to make a moderately sized pcb

  26. Gilliam V. says:

    “how we could apply this to PCB creation.”
    per its drawings, its already being applied to creationism. :P

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