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Defcon, the world’s largest hacker convention, is this coming weekend in Las Vegas. While the convention generally focuses on breaking new technology, digital archivist [Jason Scott] has an interesting surprise for attendees this year. With some help from VintageTech, he’ll be assembling a massive den of retro computing machinery. They’ll have fully functional systems like the PDP-11/70 for people to play with. It sure to be one of the more unique things to see at the con.


  1. strider_mt2k says:

    Good way to warm up that water…

  2. Jim says:

    That would actually be pretty awesome, shame im a britfag and cant go.

  3. 6adget says:

    never been to one, but since i live in vegas i wont miss it. on a side note, i work at las vegas tattoo and souvenir (702) 384-7379. come on in and get a hackaday tattoo by a geek/artist. ask for Gadget.

  4. svofski says:

    The plastic bottles give it away. It could very well pass for a ye olde photo.

  5. Punkguyta says:


    They aren’t old bottles, if you look closely, I believe it is actually rubbing alcohol, which makes sense if he’s restoring an old dusty machine.

  6. ryan leach says:

    @Punkguyta, @svofski never said they were old bottles, he said that they were plastic bottles, thus not looking old, your both arguing the same side…

  7. pongor says:


  8. pinoutman says:

    Jea, wats dencon ?

  9. Peter says:

    Is that a *necktie* hanging on that tape drive door?

    //to use the computers, you must have a 70s hairstyle

  10. Agent420 says:

    You are in a twisty maze of passageways, all alike.


  11. Colin says:

    Any hackaday editors going to defcon? I saw eliot at defcon15, and still have my t-shirt :)

  12. Bill Hates says:

    Fuck off with the goddamn plastic bottles. I can hack into your grannies panties with that thing…

  13. Bill Hates says:

    BTW, its crystal gyser water. Its in a popular six pack form, Shrink wrapped to prevent bottles excaping. Its usually on sale at your neighbor hood store for about $ 2.89
    any other questions?

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