The folks at Revision3 really know what gets our pulse going. In this episode, they show us how they built a radio controlled keg. Not only is the system built sturdy enough to cart around the keg, it is also built with the capability for the driver to control the beer flow. This isn’t too shabby for a pretty quick project, but it still can’t compare with Bar2D2.


  1. barry99705 says:

    i think that was one of the last episodes of systm. i miss that show….

  2. Haku says:

    I miss that show too.
    Revision3 didn’t even let David Calkins (who’s pictured building the kegbot) know they cancelled Systm, he found out from reading the forums.
    Rev3 now only appears to produce ‘bubblegum tv’ for people who don’t have/want to think for themselves.

  3. J4y says:

    Ah, better living through robotics.

  4. Adam Ziegler says:

    60-100 psi for beer?

  5. Haku says:

    The PSI level thing was also pointed out & corrected in the discussion thread:

  6. rd says:

    Revision 3 canceled the only good show they had left.

  7. signal7 says:

    Heh. Tip: if you’re actually building this bot, take some time and sanitize your tubing, keg coupler, solenoid valve, etc. Beer is a germ playground – no sense in spending good money on good beer to have it spoiled in short order due to lack of or no sanitation at all (the way it was presented here).

    … and 50psi will shoot beer about a city block away. Great if you want your guests to wear the beer – bad if you wanted them to drink it. :-)

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