Passwords on floppy disk


[Wehrdo] has posted a guide with an extremely low-tech solution to password management. He literally put the passwords on a floppy disk in the form of paper glued to the magnetic film. For those that still have some floppy disks around, this is a zero cost hack. We wouldn’t recommend this for state secrets, but for those prolific forum registrations it’s a great idea.


  1. BigD145 says:

    It’s not a hack, but I do like the idea.

  2. Andrewr05 says:

    That is pretty interesting…

  3. Peach says:

    You have no idea what a hack actually is, do you?

  4. Sean T. says:

    Ironically, copying the passwords by hand from this floppy to another takes the same amount of time as it would if it were a file on the floppy…


  5. Adam says:

    @sean t.

    HAHAHHAAHAHA Good one. I wonder if I use a SuperDisk will I be able to fit more passwords.

  6. Noah Buddy says:

    Funny, I use to do the same thing with a “clicky” eraser and crib notes for math class.

  7. proxide says:

    cute, definitely cute.

  8. ned says:

    I hide lots of things I don’t want seen, in my floppy disks. I’ve got one floppy disk case (holds about 10) and I store things for emergencies. Nobody thinks twice when they see them, but I have $50 in one, standard Smith & Wesson handcuff keys in another, and some passwords in another.

    Hiding things in plain sight works.

  9. achim says:

    @adam: no, but 5 1/2 and 8 inch disks will. and i always thought that they can store less data ;)

  10. Jim says:

    @peach, not poster you were replying to. But its no more a hack than sticking a post it note on the side of your monitor really is it?

  11. O Mattos says:

    Hate instructables “multi-page” thing.

    Username: bugmenot
    Password: bugmenot

    then you can view it without clicking next page a gazillion times…

  12. BenJ says:

    o mattos, Just add ?ALLSTEPS (In caps) to the end of the URL.

  13. frenzy says:

    how about just using keepass?

  14. supaduck says:

    What WOULD you recommend for state secrets then?

  15. Bryan says:

    I got one better, Micro SDHC cards fit inside there as well that’s 16GB & soon to be 32GB when the new ones come out! Also Micro sdhc could have anything passwords, Truecrypt keys. Password keychains etc.

  16. srilyk says:

    This is pretty similar to what Bruce Shneier recommends – writing your PWs down and putting them in your wallet – after all, you already do a pretty good job of keeping your credit cards and DL safe, right?



    I strongly suspect those who complain about ‘omg, not a haxkz0r!1!! n00b!’ would still complain about it not being a hack if they reposted one of the first few hackaday posts.

  17. Thomascpp says:

    Awesome hack

  18. ssss says:

    THIS is a hack, reuse a object for something usefull again. Hackaday is back on track.
    please NO arduino in a floppy XD

  19. Agent420 says:

    ^ you mean like this? ;-)

  20. Doctor Mojo says:

    wrote my passwords in feces on bedroom wall. Is I hack?

  21. Noodles says:

    it’s a clever hiding spot. We used to do this with LSD.

  22. Ogrim says:

    Damn it hackaday, now people are going to screw with my Amiga disks :(

  23. Benjamin says:

    This inspired me to write an article about passwords and becoming a pass-gician :)

    Check it out…

  24. tuddy says:

    And now I’m reminded of those old security codewheels you used to get in DOS games. You know, from back when copy protection was cool.

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