Passwords On Floppy Disk


[Wehrdo] has posted a guide with an extremely low-tech solution to password management. He literally put the passwords on a floppy disk in the form of paper glued to the magnetic film. For those that still have some floppy disks around, this is a zero cost hack. We wouldn’t recommend this for state secrets, but for those prolific forum registrations it’s a great idea.

24 thoughts on “Passwords On Floppy Disk

  1. I hide lots of things I don’t want seen, in my floppy disks. I’ve got one floppy disk case (holds about 10) and I store things for emergencies. Nobody thinks twice when they see them, but I have $50 in one, standard Smith & Wesson handcuff keys in another, and some passwords in another.

    Hiding things in plain sight works.

  2. I got one better, Micro SDHC cards fit inside there as well that’s 16GB & soon to be 32GB when the new ones come out! Also Micro sdhc could have anything passwords, Truecrypt keys. Password keychains etc.

  3. This is pretty similar to what Bruce Shneier recommends – writing your PWs down and putting them in your wallet – after all, you already do a pretty good job of keeping your credit cards and DL safe, right?



    I strongly suspect those who complain about ‘omg, not a haxkz0r!1!! n00b!’ would still complain about it not being a hack if they reposted one of the first few hackaday posts.

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