Head bangers beware: motion sensing headphones


The iPhone doesn’t have the market cornered on the use of accelerometers. The tiltphone project incorporates a three axis accelerometer into a set of headphones transforming them into a remote control for an iPod. A PIC16F690 reads in data from the analog sensor, translates specific movements into commands, and like the Arduino iPod Remote from last week, relays them to an iPod via the Apple Accessory Protocol. A quick nod left or right skips tracks, holding a sideways nod controls the volume, and setting the headphones down pauses.

This project is a bit older but we’re glad [anon] tipped us off as we hadn’t seen it before. There doesn’t seem to be any code or schematics available but because the Apple Accessory Protocol is known, it’s only a matter of working out how to interpret the sensor data. There is video after the break and if you pull off this hack yourself be sure to send in details for a followup.

9 thoughts on “Head bangers beware: motion sensing headphones

  1. Pretty tired of the motion sensing crap, which is what this is… crap. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

  2. “holding a sideways nod controls the volume”

    so when I doze off listening to music and my head falls to the right… i’m getting a rude awakening?

  3. I love how enough people have complained about old projects, projects without code, or lack of diagrams that now the HAD editors feel the need to justify posting stuff that has these shortcomings.

    Is this really what the complainers wanted?

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