Classy Hard Drive Speaker Set


Hard drive speakers aren’t anything new, but they have yet to be done very professionally. Most hard drive speaker hacks are awesome, but aren’t meant to be a showpiece. [Oliver] took the opportunity to put together a set of 20GB drives and a custom-built acrylic case with a horizontal VU meter up front. The project is well-photographed and documented and can be recreated without the use of laser cutters or other expensive tools. The only thing it’s missing is an iPod dock!

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17 thoughts on “Classy Hard Drive Speaker Set

  1. This is awsome!! Im gona order some parts and build myself one of these just for the sheer geek factor… i mean hard disks look so cool without the covers on but its hard to find an excuse to have them lying around without purpose… maybe a ‘harddisk clock’ to go with it :)

  2. This has hack has been around for at least ten years. Google search harddrive speakers and you will find endless projects.

    The actuator arm is mounted to a voice coil so it works for high frequency audio. You can also hook up the 3 phase brushless spindle motor as a speaker but it won’t produce much sound.

  3. What’s the point? an extremely inefficient sound producer that’s near 100% distortion.

    I did it just out of curiosity when I ripped apart an old 40MB drive about 15 years ago. (The first dead drive I had which used a direct coil drive, instead of a stepper).

    I just did it for kicks to see what it sounded like, but obviously I knew it wasn’t going to be a useful speaker. I can’t imagine why anyone would spend any time or money dressing it up?

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