Halloween prop: Bigmouth billy bass

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Back in 2001, the Bigmouth billy bass was still relatively new. Hacking one to record and play back both audio and movement was quite a new feat. You can read all about how they pulled it off. Though most of us agree that this could be done easier now, with off the shelf microcontrollers, this is a great example of constructing your own system to fit the need. We’ve seen a similar hack done very recently with an mbed microcontroller.


  1. McSquid says:

    Just when i thought id never have to look at one of these things again. thanks alot hackaday

  2. I agree thank you.

  3. walt says:

    Hackaday, STOP with the stupid fish already!

  4. evilncarnate says:

    Caleb, plan on putting any halloween decorations up?

  5. Caleb Kraft says:

    I do, though mine are all very simple. Fog machine, static mannequins and some candy. That’s it.

  6. Anonymouse says:

    Take me to ther river.

    Drop me in the water.

  7. Metalcastr says:

    You can give the Bass more than its required voltage easily through an ac adapter and it will slam out at you. However, I burnt something out on mine after repeated testing. I hated that thing.

  8. PSN Coder says:

    Man I never liked these…

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