Interactive beer pong table

Do you find that beer pong is too dull on its own to keep your attention? Do you require flashing lights to accentuate your imbibing?  Here’s the perfect solution. Make an interactive beer pong table. It didn’t take much to sell us on the idea. We think everything needs a few more lights.

The idea is that as the game progresses, you get different feedback from the lights visible in the picture above.  [rohitk] is using an Arduino and some pressure sensors to tell when each cup is removed. Based on this the LEDs change color.


  1. killerabbit says:


  2. SomeDude says:

    I know some people who are serious about beer pong, way too serious. One of the things they do is hold tournaments, and keep detailed records of stats. This contraption could be easily modified to do these things.

  3. sp00nix says:

    Anyone else not like that site? I don’t know if its jsut me, but a good old fashion HOWTO web page is easier for me to follow.

  4. andrew says:

    Sweet! Now all it needs a proximity sensor to detect when people cheat by standing too close to the table.

  5. andrew says:

    sp00nix: Agreed.. I hate the instructables’ interface although the fact that there is a website dedicated to DIY projects is pretty sweet.

  6. Haku says:

    I’m not sure if I much like the layout of Instructables projects, but there’s a lot of neat tips & tricks buried in that site so I scan through the projects linked from here & other hack sites to increase my knowledge of electronics.

    Someone on a picaxe forum has been seeking help with how to sense wether a beer pong cup is there or not, lots of various ways suggested for solving the problem but it had to be waterproof.
    The project presented here doesn’t look very waterproof, and would look a bit nicer if shrink-tubing was used instead of electrical tape.

  7. dext3r says:

    why pressure sensors? seems overkill, you either have a cup there or not, never need to know how much beer is in the cup. drill a hole under each cup and use an IR LED or something that can optically detect the presence of the cup. mount it a little below flush, and then fill the hole with clear resin. flat table, waterproof detection.

    the only reason to use pressure sensor would be to do hit detection (determine which cup the ball is in). which … i guess would be cool from a geeky aspect, you could have data on which cups are hit most or something.

  8. Jim Foster says:

    Like hackaday, I love the idea of more lights on pretty much anything. However, this seems to really change the game since I’ve always played one re-rack per game. Holes for the cup kind of kill that. Also, what about bounce shots (2 cups by rules I’ve played by)…

    I realize some of the rules may be regional (I went to college at Clemson, in SC). Also, yeah, the instructables interface is kind of wack.

  9. wdfowty says:

    This site’s two favorite things: alcohol and arduinos. Talk about killing two birds with one stone, eh?

  10. mikez says:

    The cups need to be racked tightly — spacing them out like that is unkosher.

  11. Tony says:

    What a neat idea. When is a production version going to be in the shops!?! Totally agree that you can never have to many lights on stuff!

  12. venetian says:

    BeerProof maybe

  13. wdfowty says:

    maybe they should do this to the official NFL pong tables with team colored lights

  14. M4CGYV3R says:

    Yet another thing done with an arduino that could’ve been done with some wires and a battery. I’m beginning to hate these things.

  15. blizzarddemon says:

    It’s called Beirut

  16. Fox64 says:

    Awesome, just what I need when I’m inebriated, 18 super-bright LED’s fucking my eyes out.

  17. thanks for this im adding this blog to my twitter.

  18. Awesome, gives me an idea to think about design of my future beer pong tables thanks for sharing.

  19. google says:

    WOW HOW Awesome could it get i wonder

  20. Neil Savage says:

    dunno if thats such a good idea with electronics and drunk people, haha

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