iFixit licenses manuals under Creative Commons

Yesterday, iFixit.com announced that they are releasing all of their manuals under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license. The site has long been an abundant source of tear-down photos for hardware and has been gaining momentum as the go-to source for Apple hardware repair information. With the move to Creative Commons, the gates are open to distribute and improve upon the site’s content. There are even plans in the works to host user-submitted improvements (something akin to a wiki?) to the guides but there are not yet any details. The news also includes mention of forthcoming support for translated guides around the end of 2010.

The Hackaday crowd would rather fix things than throw them away. As iFixit moves past Apple products to a wider range of repair manuals and starts working collaboratively with users, we hope to see an explosion of detailed tips, tricks, and guides to keep our stuff working better, longer.


  1. Nice Stuff on their site.
    Better then buying stuff or looking at mostly crappy project photos.
    Would like to see more People making stuff CC as an Xmas Present.

  2. ~drew says:

    Their printable screw guides are fantastic. No more leftover screws after reassemble. I laminated magnets on the ones I use the most, it worked better than the labeled mini prep bowls I had used before.

  3. PeachPit says:

    Haha, I have a system using shot glasses to organize my screws, I guess I will have to check out those guides!

  4. Mike Szczys says:

    I’ve long used ice cube trays to organize parts.

  5. F. says:


  6. Abominable Coward says:

    Now, if only a site that begins with “instruct” and rhymes with “nibbles” could take a hint and do likewise… They’ve been trying to take ownership of user-submitted content for their own profit for a while now and it’s led me to boycott their site altogether.

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