Laser-cut puzzle box

One of our fondest memories from the 1980’s is watching Magnum P.I. on television. Higgins, Magnum’s employer, had a puzzle box that Magnum could never figure out how to open. Now you can laser cut a puzzle box for yourself and recreate some scenes from television’s glory days.

The design for the box pictured above is not new. The plans for the Cubey 2 project have been around for a while but relied on your mad-woodworking-skills to turn out the pieces. Since we’re not great with a chisel we were happy to see vector graphic and encapsulated postscript files to robotically aid in production. Once the puzzle parts have been assembled a facade is adhered onto each side to hide the pieces. This means you can go for Higgins’ traditional puzzle-box look or sport the hellraiser.


  1. onef says:

    this is pretty cool, but where does the Arduino go?

  2. JB says:

    In the laser cutter circuitry? :P

  3. McSquid says:

    the arduino is the prize for opening the box. so its inside.

  4. sneakypoo says:

    On a semi related note. Does anyone have a high-res pic of all sides of the Lament Configuration (Hellraiser box)? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

  5. jim says:

    Maybe the painful painful flesh seeking hooks are Arduino powered?

  6. atomriot says:

    that looks like a smaller version of the arduinome box i made

  7. Mark Atwood says:

    This was done by my friend Helen at the in Seattle

  8. strider_mt2k says:

    It looks like it smells like burning…

  9. MS3FGX says:

    Nice Magnum spoiler, by the way.

  10. Helen Cook says:

    @strider_mt2k It smells like toasty campfire :)

  11. toplist says:

    a good text. Thanks for article and share

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