Maze solving

[Mitchel Humpherys] and his fellow developers didn’t just develop a maze-solving algorithm, they also built a ping-pong ball maze platform that is computer controlled. Using a webcam the computer picks up the high-contrast maze by peering down from above, calculates the solution, and moves the ping-pong ball to the goal using two different tilt servos controlled by an 8051 microcontroller. But wait, there’s more! Why have the computer solve it when you can make a game out of a maze? Once the PC was thrown into the mix it was pretty easy to add Wii remote and Wii balance board control too. See these alternative inputs in action after the break.


  1. sam says:

    Honestly they could have done a little better on the board movement with some better servos and a more refined movement approach since ball-and-plate mechanisms aren’t hard to find information on. But props to them for doing it anyways, not difficult, but well done nonetheless.

  2. kristian says:

    next step: build a second one and have a computer vs wiimote mode!

  3. Hirudinea says:

    This is going to put soooooo many mice out of a job!

  4. scruffy says:

    ahem, i think they meant: table-tennis ball maze…

  5. ak77 says:


    Are you differentiating table-tennis and ping-pong?

  6. ak77 says:

    ..or just not letting Hirudinea have his joke?

  7. It wouldn’t be a real post on hackaday if it weren’t because of it’s involving the Wii, would it?

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