Talking poker timer

This interesting box of buttons is a talking poker tournament timer. Full of useful tools like a binary time display, words of wisdom, countdowns to the end of the game, and even good old “bicycle built for two” mode (around 1:20).  While we find it fairly difficult to understand, we applaud the feature list, especially the song.  He used an Arduino with a voice shield, so there’s not much to the electronics side, but you can download his source code from his site.

[via Makezine]


  1. Hip says:

    Liquor in front, poker in back…

  2. Brennan says:


  3. Colin says:

    In theory it’s pretty cool but it’s impossible to understand the speech!

  4. walt says:

    looks cool. love those little black boxes.

  5. Nomad says:

    @wait: especially those with the red buttons on them…without text telling what they are good for :D

  6. strider_mt2k says:

    Dymo labels and Radio Shack…perfect together.

    That look has become classic.

  7. Morcheeba says:

    That song is “daisy bell” made famous by the 704 and Hal

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