Another take on a bicycle built for two

We normally advocate wearing a helmet when biking in case you get hit by a car. In this case the guy on the bottom of this double-decker bicycle should wear a helmet to avoid a boot to the head. When we started watching the video after the break we thought that [James] had just built a really really high bike. Not the case, he built an over-under tandem bicycle. What’s more outrageous? Check out that killer kick-stand twenty seconds into the clip.


  1. nes says:

    What japes and tomfoolery. I don’t see an Arduino however.

  2. isama says:

    i don’t think i’d try it. it seems dangerous moving with another person above me only supported by some tubing.

  3. sam says:


  4. PocketBrain says:

    mkayyyy…. so why the full rear wheel on the top bike? Easier to leave it in place than remove it?

  5. dmcbeing says:

    Can he do a wheelie?

  6. compukidmike says:

    So what happens when you have to stop unexpectedly?

  7. The Clerk says:

    could the upper wheel be used for gyroscopic support?

  8. aEx155 says:


    Unless I’m mistaken, the rear wheel is still there because its axle is what transfers power from the top pedals to the bottom pedals. They couldn’t go directly from pedal to pedal since that would run into the bottom rider, so they routed power through the rear axles.

  9. Hacksaw says:

    The wheel could have been removed and just left the hub and cluster.As far as what happens when he has to stop suddenly…PAIN…and my final comment is leave it to the europeeons to do yet another thing that shouldn’t be done.Like the EU or the Euro among MANY others.Next thing you know (because he was mentioned in the credits) Barry will propose this as a new solution to mass transit and oil independence.

  10. hawkeyeguru says:

    Helmets? We don’t need no stinkin ‘elmets.

    This looks like a machine for inflicting massive head trauma in an amusing way.

  11. Cap'n awesome says:


  12. Underling says:

    Suddenly! I want to see what happens if they have to stop at all.

  13. HarmonyThruChaos says:

    Clearly a novelty build over something that’s built for practicality. Don’t see why it shouldn’t be done when it doesn’t harm anyone. (… unless they try to ride it) Everyone gets their own kicks.

  14. Arkansas Outside says:

    The ultimate endo bike!

  15. tyco says:

    I do see one thing that will be genuinely difficult…. Not “what happens if they need to stop suddenly,” but “what happens if they need to stop at all?” The bottom rider is going to have to be awfully strong to hold up that much weight at that kind of leverage…

  16. GRabo says:

    Ingenius but dumb people. Not a helmet to be seen. One fall and the guy on top is toast.

  17. Necromant says:

    Oh my… This project is a bit too insane even for me…

  18. Bob says:

    In Soviet Russia, bike pedal YOU!

  19. DeFex says:

    Cyclists. they are not “bikers”

  20. nebulous says:

    @ compukidmike
    If they need to stop unexpectedly, they will stop *very* unexpectedly.

    So unexpectedly, even the Spanish Inquisition wouldn’t suspect a thing.

  21. nebulous says:

    @ DeFex
    Right, so on a motorcycle you’re a biker, and on a bike you’re a cyclist. You must be American, with your ‘football’ being the sport that lets you use all bodyparts to handle the ball. :-)

  22. BZ says:

    Uh, bike helmets don’t do much for most of the injuries get from being hit by cars. They don’t protect your spinal cord, your legs/arms/organs.

    In fact, there’s even evidence that they give people whiplash…

  23. anon says:

    If you are going to start accusing, at least get it right. Rhe only difference in ‘handling’ between soccer and football is the hands. Dang foreigners.

  24. Cynic says:

    Hah, awesome, I know exactly where this is! I want to pop along there tomorrow and tell them I’ve seen them. Who wants a trip report?

  25. GRabo says:

    Uh BZ, bike helmets will certainly stop you from becoming a vegetable when your head hits the pavement.

  26. Tragic says:

    I don’t see the big deal about the helmet. If he falls over he’ll have bigger things to worry about than a few misplaced hairs. Some stupid plastic garbage can on the head isn’t going to help much anyway at that height.

  27. froogy says:

    Umm a good helmet would protect his head from a fall even at that height. However if u buy one of those cheap ass helmets its not going to help you one bit.

  28. bud says:

    “Right, so on a motorcycle you’re a biker, and on a bike you’re a cyclist. You must be American, with your ‘football’ being the sport that lets you use all bodyparts to handle the ball. :-)”

    haha nebulous thank you i needed that laugh, and a new way to great tourist here in san diego

  29. fffp says:
  30. Doh says:

    How does one get on such a contraption in the first place?

  31. mowcius says:

    Ok, so how do they get on?
    How do they get off?

    That top bike wants to be put a bit further back so that there is less chance of going over the front if they hit a pebble :p


  32. supershwa says:

    Why does this smell of oddball useless Russian development?

  33. Riotwarrior says:

    I would think that rear upper wheel has to do with a gyro effect as well to help keep the bike stable.

  34. Rob in Belfast says:

    O M G

    You are all insane. I love it!

    Good news, Angelos Epithemiou is not dead, he was in the new series of Shooting Stars last night (14th July 2010) on BBC 2.

  35. MrSporty says:


    Russian my arse!

    That there is good old British tomfoolery if ever i witnessed it. The only thing the poor chap is missing is a spiffing moustache.


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