A fantastic collection of slapped together bots

[David Williamson] has put together some pretty amazing little robots from bits of stuff he laying around the house. What initially caught our attention was this drawing robot over at HackedGadgets. We were impressed by the construction, as it looks like almost all of it was scrap. Upon clicking through the link we found a small collection that kept as amused for quite a while. Each one has some aspect that is surprising in its use of mundane materials. Need an omniwheel? Why not use plastic beads. Want a rail from which a robot can hang and drive? why not use drinking straws. Many of them may not have much for a brain, but the construction of the mechanisms is usually pretty interesting alone. You can see clips of some of his creations in the video after the break.


  1. walt says:

    not sure how slapped together they are. the materials used are pretty random, but they seem well thought out.

    oh yeah… 1st!

  2. mark says:

    Very Rescue Rangers-ish.

  3. Greycode says:

    “kept as amused” try “us”.

  4. jerrajerra says:

    Wow greycode with error correction

  5. strider_mt2k says:

    Extremely cool!

    I look forward to using some of these ideas in future tinkerings.

  6. Pbal says:

    Why is it that I saw this and found the robots incredibly adorable?

  7. nubie says:

    Damn that omniwheel is freaking genius.

    Wish I was as smart as this guy.

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