LED Dog Collar

LEDs make everything better, right? What about your dog? [Ken] tries it out on one of his frisky dogs who loves to run whenever she gets out with a LED dog collar. It’s an off the shelf dog collar sporting 5 blue LEDs, and is powered by an attiny2313 micro controller, which makes adding / changing light sequences quick, easy, and also allows for future upgrades. Small PCB’s are made and to help keep minor amounts of the wild from frying. the electronics parts are encased in hot glue, and the whole thing is powered by 3 AAA batteries.

While it’s an early test of the device, and there is more to come, like an automatic trigger as [Sunshine] bolts for the door, but it seems like a great help while chasing after a runaway dog in the dark.

Join us after the break for a quick video.


  1. nate says:

    change the leds to red and find a way to determine with a sensor when the dog is about to attack (growl detector maybe?), and you have a modern-day hound of the baskervilles!

  2. Joe Schalk says:

    I love it! I have dreamed about these.

  3. fotoflojoe says:

    Since the LEDs are blue, does that mean Sunshine is a police dog?

  4. Aaron says:

    The collar is nifty. The dog getting top billing alongside the guy who did the hack? That’s super awesome.

  5. brem says:

    I use something simular from £-land. I have a german shepard and need to use 2 as they are used for children arm’s

    £2 is not bad and bat lasts 4-5 month’s CR32

    Then im left with 12 led’s to play with

  6. Link says:
  7. patman2700 says:

    Yep, proper grammar usage has officially taken a hike.

  8. Reggie says:

    lasers make everything better, leds just blink (which is attractive but not as good as lasers).

  9. Whatnot says:

    In many places you cannot carry blue lights on vehicles since they are reserved for the cops, I wonder if police dogs also have the exclusive right to blue led collars :)

    But ‘link’ is right, you can buy collar attached lights and lighted collars in every pet store for quite a while already, years.
    in fact I’ve seen light to attach to collars in supermarkets even.

  10. Paul says:

  11. Aaron says:

    Fun. After seeing this, I’m surprised my submission never made it through:


    Maybe its because I’m lame and don’t have a video. :)

  12. leadacid says:

    Dogs are awesome

  13. ChalkBored says:


    Imagine a dog chasing a car down the road, but now it’s wearing red/blue flashing LED’s.

    I’m pretty sure it will have a better chance of actually catching the car.

  14. Cyberteque says:

    I would love to see a long exposure photo of dog running around!

    Might have to build one of these to stop one of my neighbours giving me the “you and your dog need to be wearing reflective vests” lecture.

  15. therian says:

    what a sexy dog

  16. tedk says:

    wow, did anyone else realize that the article seems to be made by someone blindly typing with their elbows? H@D sure could use a few more competent writers….

  17. Whatnot says:

    @ChalkBored that will freak out anybody, especially if they just smoked some weed :)

  18. MatsSvensson says:

    Cool, good things dogs don’t get epilepsy?

    I guess the next step is to put a siren on it too.

    Imagine a pack of dogs running down the street with those on.

  19. ltkenbo says:


    I’ve seen those collars before, they are not super bright, plus they don’t do cool patterns like the one I made :-)

  20. Wow, whoever invented LED collars is a genius. My dog is particularly hard to find in some instances, and I believe this LED collar will make it easier for me and my pooch.

    I shared it all here at http://www.seefido.com/cooldogblog/?p=94


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