Blinky headgear

[Everett Tom] added some blinking LEDs to his visor while honing his PCB design skills at the same time. He started with the TI eZ430-F2013 for prototyping the blinking circuit along with its mode toggle buttons. Once this was worked out he used BatchPCB (a low-cost professional board fab option) to manufacture a board. The final design hosts an MSP430 F2013 microcontroller as well as the voltage regulator circuit that draws power from the 9V battery that hides inside the head band next to the board.

You guessed it, video after the break.


  1. sqnewton says:

    What’s that???

  2. rasz says:

    its a Pastiche of and old Adruino to blink a led design!

  3. jeditalian says:

    that would get so annoying. i would stick the LED’s where the bill blocks the blink

  4. everett_tom says:

    Actually the way it’s mounted, the LEDs are on top of the visor, you can’t see them when your wearing it.

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