Hackaday Links: February 21, 2011

PCB Stand

Part PCB, part old IC, and held together with hot glue. It doesn’t take much to make this electronics stand, but it’ll certainly add to the geek level of your desk.

Decorate with light

This busy living room is actually decorated all in white. The patterns that give it life are on lend from a projector and what we’d imagine is some fantastic software. [Thanks MDV]

Flashing butt on your bike

[Eli] sewed lights and flex sensor into her jeans. Now her butt flashes in heart-shaped patterns as she rides. She actually robbed one of the flex sensors from this project to complete that explosive high-five project.

Mini-rake’s progress

A lathe and some sand that needs tending is all that [Spatula Tzar] needed to get this zen garden rake under way. We like how she used a vacuum bag to infuse the wood with mineral oil.

Paper and electrons

This collection of musical projects forsakes common substrates and builds the mess of circuit boards on pieces of paper. Not much information but the strangeness is worth a look.

15 thoughts on “Hackaday Links: February 21, 2011

  1. WOW! I love the living room decoration with light, that’s a very creative idea. I’m definitely going to try this and study if it is feasible in the long term. There are some important drawbacks though, like the constant need of artificial light and energy requirements (projector lamps are not very energy efficient).

    Maybe it is possible to tunnel the sun light into a beam and feed the projector during the day. I know that there is a underground place somewhere (subway, not sure) that uses this method for illumination.

  2. Damn you, [Eli]. It takes enough will-power not to stare at girls butts as it is without them flashing cute little hearts at me!

    Also the projector room left me agog. It would be awesome if they could use this in pubs and clubs but I fear the occupants would cast too many shadows. However, imagine a coffee table whose surface is a full colour e-ink display. You could ‘transform’ it into any material…

  3. i like the projector decoration, but what happens when you want to actually sit on the couch? sure, it’s great for looking, but the presence of any human form would spoil the illusion.

  4. i fear that it would rapidly get trashed unless they used an indestructible coating (maybe Bluray’s Durabis coating?)

    What would be amusing is to use a magnetic ink paint which does a full colour shift from red to blue when a field is applied depending on the density and polarity of the field.

  5. @brad That would be easy to fix.. Just add some image processing capabilities to the setup and track moving objects. Then just don’t project anything (black color) on moving objects..

  6. MrX: “Just add some image processing capabilities to the setup and track moving objects. Then just don’t project anything (black color) on moving objects..”

    Perhaps a tad expensive and over the top, but I was just thinking a Kinect would fit perfectly into that project to achieve the effect.

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