Google ADK project shows just how easy it is to use


[yergacheffe] was able to get his hands on a shiny new Google ADK board about a week before it was announced at I/O, and got busy putting together a neat project to show off some of the ADK’s features. His idea was to meld together the ADK and Google’s new music service, two items he says complement each other very well.

He had a handful of LED matrices left over from last year’s Maker Faire, which he decided to use as a Google music metadata display. The base of the display is made from laser-cut acrylic, with a few spare ShiftBrites lighting up the Google music beta logo.

He says it took literally just a couple lines of code to get his Android handset to talk with the display – a testament to just how easy it is to use the ADK.

Pretty much anyone can walk up, attach their phone, and see their current music track on the display with zero fuss, which you can see in the video demo below.


  1. Scott says:
  2. fartface says:

    Must be nice to be filthy rich.

  3. Mauro says:

    I would use an Arduino and some arduino-module-writing to do this thing. I liked the idea, but the price is awesomely insane for just a hobby.
    Unless you are filthy rich.

  4. Mike Nathan says:
  5. pff says:

    frequency response looks suspicious
    cant wait to see someone do anything useful with this

  6. torwag says:

    when I heard about the ADK I thought it would push USB host capability on smartphones…

    Is it just me who feels it pretty odd that a 8 bit uC has to provide host capabilities to talk to an 1GHz ARM processor (which comes with host capabilities, which are not activated in most cases)?

  7. sup0 says:

    So…anyone have any nice Music Beta invites they’re willing to share with a fellow enthusiast? :)

  8. azhurb says:

    I made ​​a similar device, but the more simpler.

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