Wireless 4 Channel Temperature Monitor From Arduino Libraries

Say what you will about the Arduino platform but there certainly are a ton of libraries one can choose from. That is precisely what [Dan Julio] set out to do when building his slick looking 4 channel temperature monitor. The monitor consists of an Arduino RBBB, 2×16 character LCD and four DS18B20 1-wire digital thermometers. [Dan] also includes a bluesmirf to interface with an OS X monitoring program.  Using libraries for the Bluetooth, LCD, and temperature monitors the Arduino code is only about 200 lines, and pretty easy to follow. Check out more at [Dan]‘s site.

If you’d like more temperature sensor projects check out this mug or this PIC based monitor or perhaps you’d like to keep it in the Atmel family.


  1. Bob says:

    By 1-wire, I guess they mean 3.

  2. zigzagjoe says:

    1-wire refers to the protocol used [which uses one wire], not that they only have wire connected.

  3. Though in parasite mode you can get away with 2 wires. I like these sensors uses them in my automated grow box.

  4. DanJ says:

    I’m using them in the parasitic mode too VeggieGardner. The trade-off is speed but in my application it was more desirable to use minimal wiring. The fact that each device is serialized is helpful.

    Your computerized grow box is way cool.

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