Dad hacks Cerebral Palsy, upgrades son’s lifestyle

[Jorge]‘s son was born in 2004 after a troubling time in the womb. The son, [Ivo], wasn’t getting enough oxygen and unfortunately developed cerebral palsy. [Jorge] took it upon himself to improve his son’s life, so he got busy building some machinery for physical therapy. Today, [Ivo] is able to walk very well without the need for braces or other aids.

[Ivo] has a form of CP called Spastic quadriplegia. With [Ivo]‘s disorder, his skeletal muscles are always tight meaning he’s nearly unable to walk. This can be treated with muscle relaxants such as Botox (yes, that Botox), but [Jorge] wanted to help out with his son’s physical therapy.

[Jorge] began preparing for [Ivo]‘s physical therapy by building a “tripod” for him. This allows [Ivo] to stand while taking part in physical activities like ping-pong and golf. The second phase of the training was a modification to a cross-country skiing/elliptical trainer that allowed [Ivo] to practice walking. Today, [Ivo] is happily walking very well, a testament to his dad’s wishes that he has somewhat normal life. Some aluminum tubing helped, but we’re pinning this one on his dad.


  1. Kyle Hotchkiss says:

    Jorge, you are an awesome father and I respect you for this man. I know a life with CP would be hard and you really changed your sons life for the better.

  2. ChrisE says:

    Best dad ever.

    Still needs some lasers though.

  3. Andrew Hooper says:

    Great stuff Jorge!

  4. Jason Dodd says:

    Hat’s off.

  5. Microguy says:

    Pretty cool. Most fathers love their kids, but most don’t do stuff like this. This is great.

    If I had kids, I’d be more into learning stuff.


  6. M Agg says:

    Title doesn’t do justice to this story.

  7. Nak says:

    +20 to Faith in Humanity

    Thanks Jorge

  8. buddyleeD says:

    This is the most beautiful hack I’ve seen to date. The science, the determination and commitment, the humanity and most importantly the result. By far the best example of parenting I have ever seen.

  9. dwabbit says:

    I have a friend whos lad has CP though not as bad. I take my hat off to this father

  10. DAN says:

    Jorge – Father of the Decade

    Wish there were more like him!
    Well done, Jorge

  11. dwabbit says:

    remainds me of and old sony form a few years back
    Teddy bear

  12. Nightstar says:

    Wow! Outstanding! ^_^

  13. therian says:

    I cant speck about botox but weed seems to relax my muscles

    • KillerBug says:

      There are certain issues with giving weed to a small child.

      I don’t know if this guy is the best dad ever, but he is certainly in the running.

      When I read the headline, it sounded downright monsterous…I was thinking that he installed laser beam eyes or something.

  14. Chris Allick says:

    So inspirational.

  15. BiOzZ says:

    lets break out the maker bots and laser cutters and make this guy a friggen metal!
    im serious!

  16. TheYikes says:

    Amazing, If only every father cared so deeply for his children. This guy deserves a place in the hall of fame!

  17. Elias says:

    Epic dad is so totally absolutely fucking epic.

  18. bob says:

    i recently had a scare with my unborn child and everything turned out fine, but this touches me.

  19. Paul says:
  20. Steve says:

    This is your story of the year. Thank you.

  21. bothersaidpooh says:

    Someone needs to nominate this guy for a research grant, he needs proper funding and recognition for his work.

  22. Adam says:

    This story really hits home. I have a 13 month old son with Down Syndrome. Part of his therapy has been on a motorized treadmill that I made for him from a manual treadmill, a drill and a foot pedal. He’s been doing great with it and will hopefully be walking within a few month. I don’t see many other people out there doing stuff like this but I would love to see more. (I hope to put mine up on instructables soon too)

  23. tom says:

    I like this machine that Jorge has developed and I hope that he gets funding and starts making more. I especially like the way it encourages the child to develop appropriate foot movement for walking. Most CP kids tend to “toe walk” which is not conducive to developing a good gait. Right now most CP children are trained with braces and Rifton Gait Trainers (I think these were developed by the Amish). I think that using both systems would be helpful for students with CP. Wish that there was more money available to worthwhile start up companies like Jorge’s.

  24. Mr internet says:

    Hats off sir.
    You’re really inspiring.
    This wakes the ‘good’ side in anyone.

  25. Aaediwen says:

    This is epic! As someone who has grown up with CP, I admire this guy and what he has accomplished for his son and allowed his son to accomplish. Hats off and greatest respects to you.

    Also, I find the community reaction amazing and wonderful as well. I agree with a previous poster, definite boost to faith in humanity.

  26. Midnight says:

    Great reading all these parents using technology and hacking to better the lives of their offspring.

    Really brings a tear to my eyes to see your kid play golf Jorge. I know building this is worth every second, keep up the good work.

  27. steff says:

    It is not “hack a day” but “hack a life” !

  28. celito says:

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