Hackaday Links: February 19, 2012

Industrial control robot band

Remember Animusic, a series of videos featuring computer-generated, highly  implausible instruments? Intel made their own to demo their industrial control tech. From the looks of things, we’re putting money on a bunch of MIDI triggers bolted onto plastic panels; now it’s slightly less impressive and the reason we’re looking at xylophones on eBay right now.

Quadrocopters everywhere

[Jouni] sent in his quadrocopter build that was inspired by the Japanese spherebot we caught earlier this year. [Jouni] used a carbon fiber frame to  prevent the copter from bumping into things. Other things bumping into it are another story entirely.

This is my gun. There are none like it, because I printed it.

[Landru] printed a Nerf gun on his 3D printer. The only non-printed parts are a few screws, springs and an o-ring. [Landru] promised to put the files up on Thingiverse, but we can’t find them.

Media center auto power on circuit

[Dizzy]‘s media server doesn’t have an ‘AC power loss reset’ feature in its BIOS, and he can’t jumpstart the thing by shorting pins on the ATX power socket. He came up with a very clean, minimal solution to starting his server after a power loss. Nice job, [Diz].

Better run, better run, outrun my soldering gun

Alright, circuit board shoes probably aren’t that comfortable, or useful, but we did find a like to the works of [Steven Rodrig], an artist who works in the medium of PCBs. The recycled circuits don’t do anything, and that’s giving us a few ideas on how to improve a digital banana.


  1. Daid says:

    The nerf gun is most likely absent from thingiverse because they have a no weapons policy.

  2. haley0918 says:

    To any hackerspace out there, please try to challenge the Intel Animusic with lower cost systems and 8-bit microcontrollers.

  3. Why use so many motors?

  4. Out says:

    Really guys? *Really?*

  5. Alex Rossie says:

    The cap as a power switch is a great idea. Also the guy calls it a condenser <3 brits

  6. Josh says:

    The animusic thing was kinda cool, but not that terribly impressive, in my opinion. I’m still waiting for someone to do the round xylophone thing with 1/2″ steel bearings, compressed air, and deflection coils (think CRT monitor).

  7. M H says:

    Using a capacitor across the power button connectors to automatically start a PC was covered in
    Car PC Hacks.
    (By Damien Stolarz, O’Reilley, 2005.)

    Hack #43, Page 162

  8. Hirudinea says:

    That herf gun is cool, when metal 3D printers are cheap enough (and if I’m alive) I’m going to print out a Madsen!


    And the circut board are a nice start but they need to make full circut board samurai armour.

  9. Hirudinea says:

    Just a warning I clickeed on the Madsen link and got a virus warning (after I posted it), please don’t click it.

  10. nhede says:

    nah, still like Felix’s Machines more, for computer controlled music instruments. Not fake instruments like intel does.

  11. bblack7489 says:

    In the Intel orchestra video, the sound had been dubbed over for the production quality. However, you can find links to videos of the actual system running with real sound and see that they are actually playing the instruments.

    The extra percussion noises that you hear are the solenoids firing either shoot the balls with compressed air or lob them at the targets.

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