Separating a working scanner from its broken printer

The laser printer portion of this all-in-one machine gave up the ghost and [Entropia] couldn’t get it working again. But the scanner was still functioning so he decided to separate the scanner from its dead printer module.

The model in question is a Samsung SCX-4200. The design is actually perfect for separation because the scanner sits on top of the out feed tray of the printer. It can even be lifted to allow more room for printed pages to pile up. All he has to do is separate the hinged connector and reroute the flat cables. But the real question in [Entropia's] mind was whether or not the control board would work without the laser printer components connected to it.

He carefully disassembled the unit, spilling toner here and there which is left over from a catastrophic knock-off toner cartridge incident. A quick test showed him that although the drivers complain that the paper tray is open, the scanner does still work. He glued the controller board seen on the left to the bottom of the scanner enclosure, and added some felt feet. Now his scanner is closer to the size you’d expect. And on the plus side he gained a geared stepper motor, laser scanning unit, exhaust fan, and a couple of solenoids to use in future projects.


  1. Miroslav says:

    Nice work. I have the same printer, but still in working condition :)

  2. simplifyIT says:

    Nice to see it not going in the bin. in the long term I’d removed the stock power supply. as the HVPS and Fuser switching parts of the stock power supply are no longer needed. pinouts are usually pretty extensively silked on samsung printers so figuring out the photo interupter and door switch functionality should be relitively easy.

  3. yetihehe says:

    Contrast this with my HP printer, which doesn’t scan when you run out of ink…

  4. LOL says:

    buy a new scanner for 50$, seriously how do you justify spending such a rediculous amount of time to make some obsolete garbage resolution device, how much is your time worth?

  5. Rusty says:

    This is why I don’t like to buy all-in-one anything.

  6. oase says:

    I like this :)

  7. Rufzal says:

    I have a cannon multifunction mp258 printer. The scanner wont work without catridge installed. Can i separate it in the same way so that at least scanner can be used?

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