DEFCON 20 Tamper Evident contest signup

DEFCON 20 is on its way and if you want to put a team together to compete in the Tamper Evident competition now is the time! The idea of the contest is simple: your team needs to break into something without anyone every knowing. The payload is protected by the best of modern tamper evident techniques. One of the things we really like about the competition is that there are multiple levels so if it’s your first time you DO stand a chance. The number of teams accepted is limited, so don’t wait too long and miss your chance to register.

There’s a ton to be learned from the contest RULES. But perhaps a better primer is going to be [Datagram's] fifty-two minute talk which we’ve embedded after the break. He was one of the winners of all four contest levels at DEFCON 19 last year.


  1. colindanger says:

    …anyone every knowing… obviously should be “ever”. Just being that guy for the sake of keeping the posts looking polished.

  2. KillerBug says:

    Looks like easy stuff mostly…he should have included the cable seals they use on trucks. Just getting one off without concern for reuse takes a few minutes with a bolt cutter.

    • Charles says:

      Get a bigger bolt cutter?

      The only ones I have came in contact with were little more than a vinyl dipped self locking bolt that is equivalent to a moderate sized padlock shackle.

  3. Pinky says:

    Killerbug, he did address those in the video actually.

    What I also noticed is that he mentioned the (partial/none) residue tapes … but he didn’t mention any defeats thereof. Too commercially interesting to share yet? :)

  4. hawkeye18 says:

    Interestingly, at ~15:41, Hack a Day is specifically mentioned!

  5. datagram says:

    KillerBug: There is no such thing as “no concern for re-use” in this specific field of security, specifically a contest. All of these seals are easy to tear off of a hasp, but THAT IS NOT A DEFEAT. Check the segment at 23:00 in the video for some thoughts on what defeating a seal entails.

    If this is so easy please enter and kick my ass : )

    Pinky: Same defeat methods, just different methods of adhering the tape to the substrate.


    • Charles says:

      I think you misunderstood him. He means it is difficult to get them off EVEN WHEN you are not trying to replace them later, thus being sneaky about it would be even more difficult.

  6. KlaymenDK says:

    there are multiple levels so if it’s your first time you DO stand a chance.
    He was one of the winners of all four contest levels at DEFCON 19 last year.
    Wait, what? There’s a level for beginners, but the same guy won all for levels? Either this man’s a genius “new hire”, or the entry level is not as “level” as it’s made out to be.

    Now I go to view the video…

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