Radio built from the London Underground map

We love it when PCB artwork is actually artwork. Here’s one example of a radio whose layout mimics the map of London’s subway system.

The build is for an exhibit at the London Design Museum. They have an artist in residence program which allowed Yuri Suzuki time and resources to undertake the project. He speaks briefly about the concepts behind it in the video after the break.

The top layer of copper, and silk screen was positioned to mirror the subway lines and stops on a traditional transportation map. Major components represent various transfer hubs. In this way he hopes the functioning of the circuit can be followed by a layman in the same way one would plan a trip across town.

This may be a bit more abstract than you’re willing to go with your own projects. But there are certainly other options to spicing you track layout.

[Thanks Murli and Hsiboy]


  1. paulmcguinness says:

    Underground… not ‘Subway’

  2. kade says:

    is the track used as a (under)ground rail?

  3. liapetronio says:

    This is amazing. It reminds me of an interactive exhibit I saw in Barcelona that merged design and technology

  4. Doug Jackson says:

    Wow – Thats really clever.

    Lots of the top of the board looks like it is just ground traces – but he has left small gaps just beside where the components are – that way it looks continuous, but should actually work.

    Well done!

  5. naturetm says:

    Looks great.

  6. dolo724 says:

    Great idea! Now the problem is getting songs other than “London Calling” to sound good.

  7. foogoig says:

    Now that’s a proper “tube” radio!

  8. agtrier says:

    I bet this radio plays “London Calling” 24/24.

    Still, could be worse. Just imagine he had used a San Francisco network map …

  9. Mr Midnight says:

    Work of Beauty and clever indeed.

    Wonder if the audience realizes that radios do not work in the subway/underground.

    Kind of ironic.

  10. Bosman says:

    Double side PCB 50% close enough.

  11. Todd says:

    I love “Piccadilly Circuit” on the map. <3

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