Tiny OLED o-scope fits on a breadboard

With a surplus of 3D printers at this year’s Maker Faire, it’s really surprising to see the most talked about tool among the makers is a simple oscilloscope.

[Gabriel Anzziani]’s Xprotolab is an extremely small oscilloscope, function generator, logic analyzer, and general 128×64 OLED display is the perfect addition to your next prototyping project. With its breadboard friendly format and USB output, it will dutifully serve as a 200kbps oscilloscope, 8 channel logic analyzer, or as seen in the video above, the perfect interface for a Wii Nunchuck or just a simple digital Etch-a-sketch.

In the video above the fold [Gabriel] shows off the functions of his tiny, if somewhat limited, OLED oscilloscope.

21 thoughts on “Tiny OLED o-scope fits on a breadboard

  1. Not an issue, just use a frequency
    divider based on a superhet.
    This is how they used to do >2G
    on an old style ‘scope, back in
    the old Tektronix days :-)
    That and using tunnel diodes helped.

  2. Nice. I would like to find out where I can buy these screens. I think I will pair one up to a stellaris when it comes and make my own ‘scope.
    BTW – when you are interviewing in a noisy environment, it would be really useful if you can give the presenter a mic (clip-on, handheld, whatever). The background noise makes it really difficult to catch what’s being said.

    1. they are easy to find on ebay. you can even get some on PCBs, just search for ‘oled display’.

      @bothersaidpooh it’s not the number that is low, it is the unit after the number that is wrong.

  3. I saw these at the mini make faire in Orlando. I should have picked one up, but for some reason i didn’t. Maybe next year…

    Pretty neat little gadget.

  4. I just found out about these recently. They’re cool. He’s using an ATXMega in them…very nice work.

    I’ve been developing an even smaller development platform using a 128×32 OLED display…I’ve got a little more work to do, but I’m hoping to have some ready for the world soon. [The video is pretty bad…just put it together for a friend of mine].

  5. “a 200kbps oscilloscope”

    Really? Can you at least pretend to have read the article and/or understand oscilloscope specs?

    The scope and logic analyzer are 2MSPS and the scope is 200kHz analog bandwidth. The function generator is 1MSPS and 44.1kHz bandwidth.

    1. Completely useless… for you only. I for one have plenty of uses for them. Just as I have plenty of uses for my 300kHz function generator.

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