SNES headphones scream out for Bluetooth control


Here’s a build that just exudes nerd cred. It’s an SNES controller modified into a pair of headphones, straight from the workshop of [lyberty5].

The build began by stealing a controller from a PAL SNES and carefully dremeling the buttons and d-pad loose from their plastic frame. The PCB was cut in half, and the remaining plastic was carefully crafted into round speaker enclosures with the help of some epoxy. hot glue, and possibly a few pieces of styrene.

The result is a perfectly formed pair of SNES headphones, with a build quality right up there with the best case mods we’ve seen. Unfortunately, while the buttons are still attached to the PCB, they don’t do anything. We’re thinking a small Bluetooth adapter – or even repurposing a set of Bluetooth headphones with volume and play controls – would be a wonderful use for the 20-year-old, candy-like buttons.

Still, an awesome build, and [lyberty5] really shows off his craft by constructing these wonderful headphones. You can see the time-lapse of the build after the break.


  1. Sven says:

    Naaaw, i thought the buttons would be able to play the console, these would be awesome to drive someone nuts…

  2. Stefan says:

    TIL I am apparently 38 years old and the SNES was released in 1981/82…

  3. VeeBee says:

    Seems a shame to murder a perfectly good SNES controller just for a fancy headphone case. Also the SNES is 22 years old, not 30!

  4. So… Is this the April Fools joke for the year?

  5. trialex says:

    Kudos. Nice execution.

  6. XOIIO says:

    What kind of soldering iron is that? I haven’t seen that style before,

  7. XOIIO says:

    Oh yeah, for making them into a Bluetooth headphone set, the rocketfish rf-mab2 headphones are outstanding, and around $50, they have track skipping, volume, and play/pause aside from a call answer/hang up button, and are easy to take apart.

  8. Hirudinea says:

    So when I use these does every singer have an Italian accent ala Mario?

  9. defaultex says:

    Dual purpose buttons !

    Set up the ear pieces so that they rotate 90 degrees to form the controller shape we all know and love. While in that configuration it can be used as a controller. But while in wearing headphones configuration the buttons control volume, next song, prev song, play/pause, seek forward, seek backwards, and stop.

  10. Lyberty5 says:

    Haha, it’s true, the buttons cry for attention ^^ I thought of using the volume and play/pause of apple earbuds, but didn’t have any and didn’t want to buy them.
    The bluetooth is a great idea ^^ I now regret closing up the case

  11. mr.HACK says:

    wow lol why did i not think of this!!!!
    Great mod :)

  12. EtherQuest says:

    What headphones did you use?

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