A quick tour of my workbench

Whenever I release a hackaday video, I invariably get comments and emails about my workbench. Some people are telling me to clean up, others are asking me about things they see in the background.

This isn’t just a set that I film on. Obviously my videos aren’t high enough quality for people to assume that either. This is my actual workbench, made and used by my grandfather.  I do enjoy keeping it decorated though. I try to keep a piece of as many past projects as possible hanging on my bench to serve not only as inspiration to me, but also as an interesting backdrop for the videos.

I make no attempts to hide my upcoming projects when I shoot videos. If you pay close enough attention, you can sometimes see projects appear on my bench in videos before the actual project video hits youtube.

I love my workbench. You should love yours too. Hey, maybe you could do a tour of it and post it on youtube for us to admire! Just try not to say “workbench” as many times in a row as I did.


  1. Ren says:

    I like the version of the “Jolly Wrencher” on your sweatshirt better than the HaD logo.

  2. Ren says:

    Get that mannequin a wig, a cap, or both! B^)

  3. Ren says:

    I’d show a video or still of my workbench too, but it’s so cluttered that I can no longer work at it…(sigh!)

  4. Caleb, I think it’s really cool that you are honoring your grandfather by using his bench. Even if he has moved beyond this life, I bet he’d be proud of you.

  5. lawnmowerman says:

    1 corner of my hideout

    • pcf11 says:

      The CNC router is not looking like it is getting used a lot, well not for a lot of routing at any rate. What is that mysterious black box on the right? Looks like a fun space to me.

      • lawnmowerman says:

        hehe yeah the cnc ends up being a sawhorse more often then not, lol i need some aluminum extrusion so i can rebuild the gantry .

        the blackbox is a chinese laser with a laos laser board an visicut .. black to match all my other junk , lol

        • pcf11 says:

          I noticed the black theme, very goth. I thought it was a laser cutter. I still have not finished my CNC machine yet. Well, I should say the prototype model of it. Once I have I will need to rebuild all of it too, if it works.

  6. Whatnot says:

    That music on the end.. it was loud.

    • Whatnot says:

      While I’m ‘complaining’ (but not really),
      It’s a bit weird to keep that portal gun there, since it misses its decorative target that way looking out of place.
      And the oculus rift needs to be near a computer/entertainment spot rather than a workbench you would think.

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