Sugar Painting: street vendors make works of edible art

Street vendors can sometimes show the best examples of refined skill. These street vendors in China have carved out a niche with a very specific type of candy. They pour heated sugar in various shapes and designs, then put it on a stick for your consumption. It doesn’t sound that impressive, but watch these videos and see the skill they show. As with many street vendors, you can tell these people have done this 10,000 times and the muscle memory could almost carry them on autopilot.

I would be happy to support street vendors like this.


  1. MEGA says:

    5 Chinese Yuan = 0.82 US Dollar

    It took 5 – 6 minutes to produce one. Assuming 100% production, that’s $8 – $9 / hour. Minus fuel, sugar costs.

  2. Tom The Brat says:

    My word! Do you eat it or put it in a gallery?

  3. Kah Kheng says:

    looks like the Chinese have their own version of 3D printing.

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