Goodbye Hackaday, I’ll miss you.


Farewell Hackaday, the time has come for me to move on. Don’t worry, hackaday will keep going, just like it did when [Eliot] moved on, and [Phil] before him.

I wrote my first post on July 9th, 2008. Since then I’ve had so much fun, and written a total of 1,552 posts (including this one). In my opinion, there is simply no other site like, our readers are passionate and knowledgeable and it shows, even if some of you are incredibly rude to each other(that’s a sign of passion right?).

While some projects stand out in my mind, it is the people I have enjoyed the most. The people I met when I went to all the different hackerspaces, my co-writers[Mike Szczys] and[Brian Benchoff], past hackaday employees, our commenters,  and even my boss [Jason Calacanis].

If you want to find me, I’ll be at or on facebook or G+. I have a twitter too, that I guess I’ll start using today.

Join me after the break just one more time while a take a trip down memory lane with a few of my favorite moments from the last few years.  Oh, and yes, I think saying “after the break” is stupid. What else do you say though?

I built some really fun things.

and some things I feel I can be proud of

This controller didn’t help [Thomas] that much, but it gave me the idea for which I’m proud to say has already begun helping people.

I drove almost all the way across the country visiting hackerspaces.


I can’t describe how amazing this was for me. I met people from Arizona all the way to South Carolina. I saw hackerspaces that were 110 degrees inside and hackerspaces that were old masonic temples. The people I met were always enthusiastic, helpful and pleasant.

I jammed stuff up my nose for April fools


I made this thing a long time ago and was waiting for a reason to do something ridiculous.  I thought it was a great chance to make fun of the kickstarter emails we get all the time. Yes, I did actually shove that thing into my nasal passage.The links actually went to my personal paypal account too.   I think I actually got about $3 in donations off that form!

I got tazed.

We thought maybe you guys would like some coverage of the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas back in January of 2010. Turns out we didn’t see a whole lot there that we thought you’d be interested in. I stepped up to the plate to take the blame and the punishment.

I had a bunch of other posts in mind, but as I started adding I couldn’t stop. Maybe I should just leave it here.

I’d like to thank the readers again. If it weren’t for your projects happening in your homes, businesses, and hackerspaces, this site wouldn’t exist. You guys are freaking awesome.


  1. Mike says:

    I guess I’ll kinda miss you….

  2. Anybodysguess says:


  3. frankenstein hands says:

    good luck wherever you go man, always enjoyed your writing style on here

  4. Brad says:

    He will be back, he’ll eventually miss the attention.

  5. S2H says:

    This site has been a daily source of inspiration for my own projects. Your efforts will be missed, Caleb. Best of luck!

  6. John England says:

    Well, crap! But thanks for everything, and the site will be missed. Do you plan to leave it up as an archive of coolness?

  7. Haku says:

    Hope you don’t completely cut yourself off, you’re still a valuable commenter here!

  8. c3p says:

    I hope it’s not because of the stuff i said in the Red Bull Contest Posts :/
    Thor’s Hammer rocked!

  9. cordoba says:

    noooooooooooooooooo, its a joke???

  10. John England says:

    Ah, I totally misunderstood. Thanks for everything, Caleb.

  11. Ian Lee says:

    Boo! Is this the end of Hack A Day or just the end of you as the editor? You’ll be missed. Good luck in your future endeavors.

  12. James Munns says:

    I’ll miss you too. So long, and thanks for all the sweet Arduino Hacks.

  13. Starbuck says:

    But whyyyyyyyyy has the time come for you to move on?

  14. Dan says:

    By far, Caleb has the bests posts on hackaday, it will be sad to see him move on. Hopefully his next posting will be in a job with public presence. Good luck Caleb!

  15. Mark says:

    What a shame… i really enjoyed my daily visits here. thank you for the effort !

  16. Sprite_tm says:

    So long, and thanks for the fish!

  17. I want to say thanks,and good luck for future projects. I really enjoyed your posts and videos.

    greetings from Finland

  18. Dan C says:

    What..??!?!! will hackaday continue on? where will I get my fix.?? This is such a unique place and it has been… well pretty damn ideal in a lot of ways. I liked you Caleb and I’m not ready for change. Nope. You can’t leave. Sorry.

  19. Hackaday’s the driving force that instilled a love for electronics and engineering in me. Someone has to take the reigns!

  20. JustMe says:

    Worst way to start Canada day. Please post back…. We’ll miss you up here!

  21. peter says:

    Sorry to see you go. Best wishes in your future endeavors.

  22. Int-0 says:

    ohhhh man! wtf! this site is a referent for DIY!!

  23. Pun says:

    Will you still be doing

  24. Josh C says:

    what? couldnt make it 8 more days? to make an even 5 years. But you will be missed.

  25. Ren says:

    Thanks, Good Bye, Good Luck! Hope we “meet” again… well, okay I’ll check out

  26. Galane says:

    “Oh, and yes, I think saying “after the break” is stupid.” Then why did you keep writing that, especially when there rarely, if ever, was anything after the ‘break’?

  27. Eliot says:

    Woo hoo!

  28. jk says:

    Thanks for years of education and entertainment!

  29. Exit151 says:

    Hey there Caleb.. Not sure why you decided to leave, but wanted to tell you personally.. LONG time reader, rarely post. REALLY enjoyed your articles and stuff ya covered/built. Going to really miss ya, HaD will go on, but it won’t be quite the same without ya! Good luck in your endeavors@

  30. Antonio says:

    Thanks, for all, I will miss you

  31. ThanatosK says:

    Godspeed Caleb! You’ll be missed, for a couple days at -least-. Haha, good luck!

  32. Thanks for what y’all have done. What are you going to do next?

    And thanks for coming by Quelab in Albuquerque! (Not to mention the other hackerspaces on your trip.)

    So long, and thanks for all the fish!

  33. aampudia says:

    Soooo… your last name is Simpson and you’re from Springfield??? how cool is that?!?!?! hahahaha
    good luck in anything you do!!

  34. james says:

    Thank you :.(

  35. naroom says:

    I think I speak for all of us when I say:

    The Nose Light and the many other projects you’ve shared and linked here were awesome. You’ll be missed.

  36. Bitflusher says:

    I enjoyed your posts, good luck on future things. Perhaps you will do cool things that are worth mentioning on the HAD (this assunes it survives you leaving)

  37. Transistor says:

    Take care Caleb, continue pummeling electrons

  38. Leonard says:

    Nooo, don’t go where we can’t follow :) But like you said. we can.
    Thanks for all the good stuff!

  39. kurai says:


  40. Martin says:

    Many Thanks for all, I will miss you Hackaday. From Argentina.

  41. Robot says:

    Fare thee well Caleb. Thank you for sharing so many neat (and not so neat) projects with us. Best luck with your next adventure!

    Best regards,

  42. Luis M. Ruiz says:

    So long Caleb. We will miss hackaday. A lot.
    Huge thanks for all the hours spend here and all the things learned.
    Best wishes and will see you in

    Already miss you. :D

  43. Good luck man! Thanks for your work over the years!

  44. Matt says:

    Later potater.

  45. Jim says:

    Caleb my man you will be missed big time! I have always looked forward to reading your posts/articles (whatever) and I value your opinion very much. You will remain an icon among us in the hacker community and will never be forgotten, sorry I’m trying not to write this like a eulogy lol! I know you will be back here from time to time. You have made your mark on H-a-D-onites and we are forever grateful! YOU ARE THE MAN CALEB AND DON’T LET nTELL YOU DIFFERENT! (Can I ask what the reasoning is for you leaving the site? or is it personal?) either way I wish you all the best in your future endeavors my friend. Keep in touch with us here at HaD!

  46. Rob says:

    Best of luck in your future endeavors and pursuits… and thank you so very much for all you brought to Hackaday… for a while there it looked like it was grinding to a halt (I go back nearly to the beginning), but then it rallied and your tireless contributions were a big part of that. Thank you, thank you, thank you! See you in the funny pages!

  47. Tiki-God says:

    Good luck with all your future projects. You will be missed around these parts. Thank you for all your contributions!

  48. bronk says:

    ” Oh, and yes, I think saying “after the break” is stupid. What else do you say though?”
    How about “See video below for ….”

  49. ralph says:

    Good job dude!

  50. z says:

    Bye caleb! its been great reading all your posts!

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